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Mobile phones key weapon in exposing affairs

Japanese woman use mobile phones to check for cheating husbands

The ever-entertaining WaiWai column in the Mainichi Daily News , a Japanese tabloid newspaper, has unearthed an intriguing statistic about the impact of mobile phones on Japanese society. According to a report translated from Shukan Post, phones were the tools most used by women to catch their unfaithful husbands having affairs.

Apparently, of the 35 per cent of men surveyed who admitted being caught, a full 22 per cent had been exposed when their wives checked their mobile phones for evidence of foul play .

One jilted woman said: "I got my husband's mobile phone and noticed that late on Friday night he'd received 10 different phone calls from a 'Taro Yamada' (roughly the Japanese equivalent of 'John Brown'). I thought it was a bit weird, so I called the number and the voice on the other end of the phone was clearly a young woman."

Such testimony is surely proof sufficient to either stop any philanderer, Japanese or otherwise, or to teach him to keep a better eye on his gadgets. J Mark Lytle