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UK government looking to censor internet

Internet user
The government wants to block access to certain websites

Websites might one day be regulated by government and given movie-style ratings, if an interview given by the Culture Secretary is anything to go by.

Among other issues, Andy Burnham told the Daily Telegraph that he would like to see some restrictions on online freedom of expression, including blocks on certain websites.

Unacceptable sites

He said: "I think there is definitely a case for clearer standards online. You can still view content on the internet which I would say is unacceptable.

"There is content that should just not be available to be viewed. That is my view. Absolutely categorical … there is a wider public interest at stake when it involves harm to other people."

Online libel help

To facilitate the restrictions, Burnham envisages the UK and US working together to come up with guidelines for English-language websites and then legislating to ensure they are policed.

On top of that, he also suggest forcing ISPs to offer services that deliver only child-friendly content in a potted version of the internet, forcing sites like YouTube to remove copyright content quickly and offering legal aid to victims of online defamation.