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Hitachi to fight hackers as cyber sheriff

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Hitachi is talking tough in the fight against cyber crime

Not content with simple anti-virus software and firewalls on its own computers, Hitachi has decided to up its game in the fight against online crime by creating the world's first 'cyber sheriff'.

Hitachi Information Systems has just formed a team of ten staff at its base in Japan dedicated to monitoring and fighting online crime whatever guise it comes in.

Pay up or else…

The Security Research Center promises to work with ISPS, phone operators and law enforcement agencies to nip online crime in the bud, but as a private business offering its services for a fee.

If a client is hit by an attack or suffers damage, Hitachi will charge into action to sort the problem out, identify those responsible and pass all relevant data to the authorities.

Sheriff or bounty hunter?

Whether that amounts to acting as a sheriff or a bounty hunter depends on your point of view, but the fact that Hitachi says it hopes to pull in around ¥1 billion (£6.5 million) over the next three years is an indication of something.

Via Nikkei