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Hulu UK launch put back to 2010?

Hulu - coming to the UK in 2010?
Hulu - coming to the UK in 2010?

Hulu, the US video-streaming site, looks likely to delay its proposed launch in the UK, due to the lack of exclusive content being available for the service.

The website, which is co-owned by Disney, News Corporation and NBC Universal, was due to launch in September but, according to the Telegraph, this has been put back to 2010 until more deals are in place.

ITV deal

It's not all bad news, though, as it seems that the site will be worth the wait. With the Telegraph quoting a source close to the company who said:

"ITV is closest to signing a deal with Hulu which will have a level of exclusivity built into it. Hulu has been in talks with all the major British broadcasters but has made the most progress with ITV. It has offered each broadcaster the chance to take equity in the company in exchange for full-length programme rights."

It makes sense that Hulu is to launch non-Stateside with exclusive UK content, as this is the only way it will cement itself as a decent replacement for the much-mooted Project Kangaroo, and not merely another YouTube wannabe.

Via T3 and the Telegraph