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'Every indication' that Ashley Madison user info leak is real

Ashley Madison

Sensitive data stolen from Ashley Madison, a dating website for married people, has allegedly been published online.

Data includes email addresses used to sign up to the site, credit card transactions and data logs of profiles, reports Wired. The information was dumped onto the Dark Web, using an address that can only be accessed through the Tor browser.

Not only is this worrying because it's a massive breach of data on a seemingly secure website, but also because of the nature of the site, and the implications for public figures.

The hackers known as The Impact Team originally hoped to use almost 10GB of stolen data to leverage the site to close. Data also included information on people who had paid to have their accounts removed from the site.

Time's up


Twitter user @MisterMetokur also trawled the data for .gov email addresses and found a worrying amount.


Security expert Brian Krebs said in a blog that three sources told him they found their information in the leaked database.

"I'm sure there are millions of AshleyMadison users who wish it weren't so," he said "but there is every indication this dump is the real deal."