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US PS3 sales down 45% in July

PS3 sales slump in US in July
PS3 sales slump in US in July

The lastest NPD figures are in for console sales in the US in June and its pretty bad news all around for Sony.

The Japanese gaming giant needs to make some money on PS3. And it needs to start making it, fast! Like, NOW.

Groans of dismay

So the news that, even while the PS3 still nudges ahead of Xbox 360 in terms of overall sales, the PS3's sales slumped 45% compared with the previous month, will be greeted with groans of dismay at SCEA.

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo's Wii remains dominant, continuing to outpace its rivals in the sales stakes.

The lastest NPD figures shows that Microsoft sold 205,000 Xbox 360s in July (down slightly on the 219,800 in June) PlayStation 3 sold 225,000 (down massively on the 405,500 in June) and the Wii sold a healthy 555,000 (down from 666,700 in June).