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50% of graphics cards sold in store still AGP

One of the last high end cards to be released in an AGP version, the X1900 series

While the PR machines inside Nvidia and ATI might be fully focused on pimping PCI Express graphics cards, the reality of the marketplace is somewhat different. That's according to Nvidia partner PNY, who says that AGP is far from a dead slot.

Sales and Marketing Director Stefanie Summerfield visited the offices yesterday. As the company still sells AGP GeForce 7 Series cards, we asked her about the split between PCI Express and AGP. The split that, if you talk to many in the graphics industry, weighs heavily in favour of PCI Express.

"As for retail, it's just shy of a 50/50 split" replied Summerfield. Pressed on how long she thought the trend would continue for, she replied: "We expect it to continue for another year." Summerfield indicated that Etail is skewed far more towards PCIe, indicating that

Summerfield also said that although PNY asked Nvidia to provide an AGP version of its GeForce 8 Series cards which they refused.

Nvidia's latest release, the 8800GT, uses another new iteration of PCI Express, known as 2.0. The card can, however, be used in older PCI Express motherboards. ATI also announced its similar mid-range card today.