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Best video hosting websites of 2022

Video Hosting
(Image credit: Jessica Lewis / Pexels)

Content marketing strategies are expected to include video hosting as one of their most crucial aspects, and rightfully so. As videos are expected to make up a staggering 82% of the total online traffic in 2022, your content marketing strategy should be stronger and well-adjusted. 

Video content is not exactly as light as text or even image content, which means it’s expected to put a lot of strain on your servers. If your servers aren’t good enough, your viewers will experience extensive lagging, which is something you should avoid at all costs. 

Video hosting websites provides a home for your videos on the web. There's a wide range of providers in this space that cater to different budgets and the way you use video on your site. 

If you’re thinking YouTube is too saturated and want a fresher yet equally competent hosting for your video content, we’ve listed our top performing video hosting providers below. In choosing, we considered some factors that have the biggest effect on the overall performance of your website.

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InMotion Hosting logo

(Image credit: InMotion Hosting)

The most reliable video hosting site

Reasons to buy
+Unlimited Disk Space+99.9% Uptime Guarantee+Managed WordPress hosting on all plans
Reasons to avoid
-Manual Verification-No Free Backups

InMotion hosting has two data centers in the United States, both producing lightning fast server speed perfect for massive video content on a single site. InMotion offers a myriad of impressive products and services that are definitely not worth missing, making it worthy of its top spot on this list.

InMotion offers business hosting, VPS and managed WordPress hosting, each with a different set of features that benefit your content marketing. InMotion Hosting has been and is still impressing users across the globe with its consistent performance and technical innovation. 

Other features offered by InMotion include a 99.9% uptime guarantee, managed WordPress hosting on all plans, unlimited disk space, Ultrastack hardware, outstanding customer support, a premium website builder to help you from start to finish, no limitations in bandwidth so your site can stay super fast despite the traffic you’ve built, a simple user interface, and it lets you preinstall WordPress, Joomla, or PrestaShop, among others. Its plans are also reasonably priced and start at $3.99 per month, making InMotion an ideal video hosting site for everyone. 

YouTube logo

(Image credit: Future)

2. YouTube

One of the most popular sites to host your videos on

Reasons to buy
+Unlimited cloud storage free of charge+Massive audience +Excellent for SEO
Reasons to avoid
-Ads that play automatically-Copyright issues

With two billion users worldwide and growing, one billion hours of video played per day, and 500 hours of video uploaded daily, it’s no wonder almost 80% of marketers consider YouTube as the best video marketing platform on the planet. After all, there’s no better way to reach the 90% of US viewers from age 18 to 44 who use the service. 

These numbers only prove that visual content is the most preferred type of content, bringing in more success than most other platforms out there. There’s absolutely no doubt YouTube is the best platform to promote and host your content.

To start, YouTube provides free unlimited cloud storage for all your videos, letting you upload as much content as you desire. YouTube does cap the size of each upload to 128GB, but let’s be honest… who uses 128GB in a single video? You also get unlimited file storage which makes up for the video size cap. 

With YouTube, you can embed your videos in websites easily using iframe codes and track your content’s progress in terms of marketing with statistics. With the service's billions of users worldwide, you have a better chance at gathering an audience for your content. SEO is also one of YouTube's strong suits and this explains why most successful video content creators rely on the service to host their videos.


(Image credit: Dailymotion)

3. Dailymotion

The next best thing to YouTube

Reasons to buy
+Unlimited video hosting for free+Password protection available+Less competition as it’s not as saturated as YouTube
Reasons to avoid
-Upload limit-Has ads that play automatically every few minutes

Dailymotion is slowly gaining popularity, though their total audience is a lot smaller compared to that of YouTube. You’ll find it easier to gain traction on the service when you’re still trying to build an audience of your own, since there’s less competition than there is on YouTube. This is why Dailymotion is known as YouTube’s closest competitor, and as the second largest video sharing site out there.

Compared to YouTube, Dailymotion is known to be more lenient with their content, earning it the nickname, “YouTube’s Dark Alter Ego". That said, it’s worth noting that content is not censored with Dailymotion, which means you can easily find/upload sexually explicit content, drug abuse, and graphic or violent content so it is up to you not to cross the line. 

Dailymotion's free account lets you do pretty much anything you need to do to market your video content as it gives you a lot of options. On top of being able to edit your video, the free account lets you create a channel for your videos, add links to your social media sites, and even set up feature videos. Dailymotion’s partner plan lets you monetize your video content.


(Image credit: Vimeo)

4. Vimeo

More customization options, more privacy options

Reasons to buy
+Customizable privacy settings+Detailed analytics+Advanced privacy settings for premium plans
Reasons to avoid
-Less traffic than YouTube

Saying goodbye to annoying ads does come with a price, as Vimeo will incur fees for videos taking up more than 500 MB of space per week. If you’re concerned about not pushing your viewers a way, this may just be a small price to pay. 

Customizing your panel including privacy settings is also made a priority by Vimeo, giving you a better approach at branding. If you can shell out $199 per year, you’ll get to enjoy the perks of a premium Vimeo plan which can give you more options to make your page more personalized. This user-friendly interface makes Vimeo a favorite among administrators and viewers alike. 

Sharing your videos on WordPress and any other platform is smooth and seamless. If you’re part of a bigger organization or group, Vimeo’s viewing privileges that can be set can come in handy in monitoring your content. Organizing your videos is also made fairly easy, which helps you stay on track. Vimeo has also been known to have better design and branding opportunities as opposed to YouTube and Dailymotion, among others. And with their full-featured analytics, content creators are more well-versed with engagement and user interaction, as well as areas that need improvement for their content to reach its maximum potential.


(Image credit: Jetpack)

5. Jetpack

WordPress-powered ad-free video hosting

Reasons to buy
+Completely ad-free+Detailed statistics+CSS compatibility
Reasons to avoid
-Lots of features only included in premium plans-Limited email functionality

When paired with a account, a paid plan with Jetpack ($9 per month) can give you ad-free video hosting (in multiple video formats) within a WordPress environment. And since your videos are going to be saved in your WordPress servers, your Jetpack storage, which comes with a cap, is optimized. That means you can store more videos if you need to. A premium Jetpack plan only gives you 2TB of storage, so you will have to be mindful of how many videos you upload.

Jetpack also restricts video uploads to 2GB file size, and the video length is also limited. With the Jetpack plugin installed in your WordPress account, it’s easier to embed your videos from Jetpack and includes advanced options including loop, autoplay, preload and mute. It also lets you toggle playback controls which can come in handy if you want to have more control. 

Furthermore, Jetpack lets you use CSS for custom styling and previewing your videos, and provides detailed stats so you can monitor engagement and user interaction more easily. Jetpack provides a number of great benefits to its users, especially those who are more comfortable with the WordPress environment.


(Image credit: Wistia)

6. Wistia

More control for a more streamlined content marketing process

Reasons to buy
+User-friendly and intuitive interface+Makes branding easier with HTML hex codes+SEO automation+Excellent analytics across all platforms
Reasons to avoid
-A little pricey-No promotional tools

Streamlining your content strategy becomes easier with Wistia’s intuitive and user-friendly interface, giving you a glance of most, if not all of the tools you’ll be needing. Wistia also has excellent analytics across all platforms to give you a better view of your engagement and user interaction. However, one of Wistia’s greatest strengths is its advanced features including CTA’s and other lead capture forms embedded within videos. For content marketing, this can mean everything.

With Wistia, you have a 100% customizable embed player where you can capture leads and integrate your data, as well as generate audiences that can help a great deal in your marketing. You can even embed keywords in your videos to optimize your SEO. Wistia’s premium plan can be a little more costly, but if you’re greatly reliant on leads for your sales or marketing, Wistia is your best option.

Wistia also makes adding videos a lot easier via its drag and drop feature, and the service features a full-featured and easy to configure video player which makes user interaction more streamlined. They provide excellent quality video streaming and awesome data analytics, making branding simpler and more powerful.


(Image credit: Spotlightr)

7. Spotlightr (Formerly vooPlayer)

Lead generation specialist video hosting platform

Reasons to buy
+User-friendly interface+Feature-rich for lead generation +No ads
Reasons to avoid
-Complex for inexperienced digital marketers

Formerly vooPlayer, Spotlightr goes beyond video hosting by providing a video player that personalizes content, generates new leads, drives more traffic, gathers video insights, recovers lost sales, automates your campaigns, integrates with your app, secures your videos and most importantly, matches your brand.

Spotlightr is known for features such as video playback with a great deal of hosting options, so you can host your videos on their servers, giving you full control. You can also host videos on other popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo, and stream the videos through Spotlightr. Customization of the video player lets you add your own logo, a custom thumbnail for branding, edit the video data, remove the pause option, and even add captions or floating videos. Other features include marketing automation, analytics and security. 

It’s rare to find a video hosting provider that goes above and beyond to provide more than just that, and that’s just what Spotlightr is known for. And since Spotlightr provides all these functionalities, it can be a bit complex especially for inexperienced digital marketers. The good news is that its user-friendly interface makes things just a tad bit easier than having to learn all the ropes. After all, it’s feature-rich for a reason: one of its primary focuses is lead generation.


(Image credit: Brightcove)

8. Brightcove

Robust video hosting that takes security seriously

Reasons to buy
+Lets you embed your gallery+Robust system that secures the your data+Easy to use interface
Reasons to avoid
-24/7 Support is a paid service-Customizing HTML5 videos provides limited options

Brightcove provides a platform for videos to reach the audience they’re intended to. Its focus is in automation and integration, which pretty much covers what you need for your content marketing to peak. There is no maximum file resolution or file/video size for uploads and the service supports any player and accepts any video format (.mov, .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .mkv, etc.).

As videos are the best way to market your content and start an engagement with your customers. Brightcove is committed to help you market, attract and retain your audience as well as grow your number of followers. Brightcove describes their platform to be powerful, data driven, secure and beautiful, with integrations that do the job of delivering awesome content via features that we can only describe as savvy. 

The video quality and speed of the servers are reliable in getting you your desired results. Add videos and schedule their publishing with ease, create your own playlist, watch your videos on your desktop, laptop and other mobile devices, and choose your own personal player template to share with your viewers. Brightcove has your back every single time and its easy to use interface makes it an ideal platform even for beginners who are ready to conquer the world one video at a time.

Wix Video

(Image credit: Wix)

Showcase your videos the way you want to

Reasons to buy
+Free +Available for mobile and desktop+Online video editor

Wix does not only let you create awesome sites with its free website builder, its also a great platform for hosting your video content. The video service is relatively new, so we have yet to come across any cons, but it’s just as promising as Wix’s free website builder. 

Monetizing your videos is streamlined even if you have already uploaded them on YouTube. It's also great being able to sync your content easily and have it automatically appear on your site where you can decide whether you want it rented, purchased, or made a part of a subscription. Sales are totally commission-free, which makes it a better way for you to cash in on your content than anywhere else. 

Apart from the free package, different premium packages are also available with Wix Video, each offering different amounts of video content hours per month. Whatever monthly subscription you choose, Wix Video gives you a platform for all your video content that you can add from your computer or from other platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. Everything from high quality streaming, video analytics, YouTube sync, live streams and 360 video, mobile optimization, and a fully customizable layout make Wix Video a great option for hosting your videos.


(Image credit: Vidyard)

10. Vidyard

Your marketing-oriented video hosting provider

Reasons to buy
+Marketing-oriented+Impressively detailed analytics+Centralized controls after video is uploaded
Reasons to avoid
-Videos take a little longer to play-Steep plan pricing

Vidyard is the best platform if you want seamless hosting for your videos, more personalization options and data insights to help you grow your audience, boost your sales, and more. Even their free plan sets you up with unlimited recording, unlimited uploads and social media shares. Yes, their free plan can get you all geared up in your video content marketing steps.

The Pro plan, coming at $15 per month billed annually lets you communicate better with your audience and your team and includes password protection, replies to your videos, and lets you add a CTA for your videos on top of the basic features. The Teams plan for $300 per month lets you add video into your sales and include marketing strategies with 3-5 users, custom branding, and is where the full video analytics start. Of course, that’s on top of all the other amazing features offered.

If you’re willing to shell out over a thousand dollars, Vidyard’s Business plan with a staggering $1,250 price tag streamlines your lead generation, pipeline and revenue with your video, boosting sales in levels you didn’t even think possible. This is made possible by fully customizable CTA’s, CRM/MAP integration, unlimited video schedule release and so more features geared towards your video content’s success. 

Closing comments

It's safe to say that video is here to stay and with visual content constantly growing, these hosting websites will continue to house these videos, to then be embedded on a specific web page.

For improved site performance, streaming quality and playback speed, storing your videos on a dedicated video hosting site will ensure you tick all those boxes.

As videos come in different file sizes, the last thing you want is for the size and variation to slow down your website's overall performance. After all, page speed is such an important quality to master for every website online.

There are enough dedicated video hosting websites available that at least one solution will be able to meet all your video hosting needs.

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