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Use Zira to get the best from your employees and boost company efficiency

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Businesses looking to improve management of staff should investigate the appeal of Zira, especially for its efficiency-based tools and ability to boost company morale.


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    Intuitive workspace

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    Cool AI tools

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    Ongoing development


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    Costs not clear

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Zira is a natty option if you’re looking to improve efficiency as it’s a cloud-based software solution that comes focused around three main areas; Zira Manager, Zira Portal and Zira Employee. This trio of products can help businesses manage their employees better, with a package of HR features and functions that allow more automation of many everyday tasks, while having the added benefit of artificial intelligence to make the software work smarter for your company. 

The creators of Zira reckon that by using its software you’ll be able to improve retention of workers, boost performance by improving efficiency and also cut down on your staff costs by better managing employees. Zira is based out of San Francisco and although it’s still a young company the business continues to raise additional financing that is allowing it to continue developing its innovative formula.


The Zira dashboard is great for quick and easy access to staff matter (Image credit: Zira)


It’s possible to sign up and try Zira by providing a few details and creating an online account. This will allow you to explore the interface and the options it offers. Zira also has a business referral program, which offers $300 for each business that signs up. However, to get a better idea of what Zira can do for your own venture then it’s best to get in touch with their sales team and organize a demo. 

This will allow your business to figure out just how much value it can get from the cloud-based software. There’s a chat tool within the main website that lets you contact the company and arrange for an online demo to take place. A clearer indication on what it all costs would be beneficial though.


The high level of automation means the software is less labor-intensive (Image credit: Zira)


Zira is all about boosting efficiency, with an array of options that let you automate many workforce management tasks. The central feature set revolves around tools that allow you to quickly carry out organizational chores without spending ages getting the job done. 

Scheduling is one key area that features within the Zira interface, with a very user-friendly workspace that offers everything you need to better manage people on your team. Zira is smart too as it can use artificial intelligence to work out things like shifts that match both your own and your employees needs. 

There’s real-time syncing of employee preference as well as their availability. That allows you to schedule better and improve performance, while the software can also tackle time-offs, plus minimum and maximum daily and weekly hours too. Once you’ve got it up and running Zira will be able to help with compliance, costs and the setting up of custom rules, all aimed at further boosting efficiency.  


Keeping tabs on movements and managing staff time off is a doddle with Zira (Image credit: Zira)


The idea behind Zira is to improve efficiency and automation is therefore a big factor in the way this software package ticks. Once you’ve implemented Zira you should be able to enjoy the benefits of automated policies, get data driven insights and optimise your workflow schedule, while also offering performance incentives. 

The developers behind Zira have produced a package that can remove a lot of the tedium from everyday tasks, so everything from onboarding through to incentives can all be tackled with Zira’s smart automation libraries. 

Similarly, the automated options can also be used to boost the performance of your team, with easy options for creating things like those incentive rewards programs. And, you’ll get even better performance from everyone thanks to Zira’s trend predictions and analytics.  


Zira is also a perfect tool for scheduling complete with a super easy user interface (Image credit: Zira)

Ease of use

The Zira interface and general workspace is very nicely laid out providing a really easy to master solution. While it’s very simple to get around, the cloud-based software actually features numerous power tools for taking on meaty business tasks, including scheduling, team management and employee communications while doing much of it using a solid level of automation. 

You’ll find some genuinely cool tools on offer, with the likes of biometric time and attendance monitors, smart shift reminders plus real-time dashboards that ensure the data you’re monitoring is always bang up to date. The company has done a great job at ensuring tasks are as streamlined as possible. 

A good example of this is the way that Zira can be integrated with several payroll and accounting platforms, including the likes of ADP, Gusto, Square, OnPay, Rippling, Proliant, Xero and QuickBooks too. Lookout also for the trends and analytics features along with the ability to produce custom reports.


The manager portal allows quick and easy access to staff records (Image credit: Zira)


Zira comes with some very useful guides that take you through many if not all of the areas of this cloud-based software. However, we found during a tour around the package that it was very easy to use and even easier to configure. The option of being able to import employee data means you can populate the system quite swiftly. 


The Zira app is also useful for quick communications between staff and administrators (Image credit: Zira)

However, if you do run into problems at any point along the way and have an account with Zira then support comes in the shape of 24/7 coverage and options to raise a ticket or contact staff directly.

Final verdict

Zira is a stylish idea that continues to evolve over time, with the California-based company having now secured more funding to develop an even more powerful cloud-based solution. For business owners who are searching for better way to maximize potential from their employees then Zira has lots to offer. 

Indeed, handling tasks like scheduling shifts and monitoring performance can be highly labor intensive, whereas the tools and options within Zira help reduce much of the drudgery with these tasks. 

Better still, Zira comes complete with many automated options that help to shave time off getting the job done and also help with improving the overall efficiency of everyday employee management tasks.  

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