WebEden website builder review

WebEden is a simple website builder that helps you create a professional website quickly

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TechRadar Verdict

WebEden is a helpful way to avoid learning HTML and still enjoy the freedom of creating your own website. While it might not be as high tech as some web hosting options available, WebEden provides a nice range of ready-to-use templates and automatic SEO. At $4.50 per month, WebEden is more affordable than most web hosts available. There is also an editor to help you fix spelling and grammar mistakes to help your website look professional and put-together.


  • +

    Easy interface to work with

  • +

    Includes automatic SEO optimizer


  • -

    Slightly limited features

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WebEden uses a drag-and-drop feature that makes website building easier. Instead of trying to create a website from scratch, this web host provides a wide range of templates to create a professional website. You can enjoy building a website without the inconvenience of learning HTML. You can try out the pre-designed pages before purchasing WebEden. Scroll through their website and you’ll see how each template looks - you’ll have a better idea of what you’re signing up for. With over 100 pre-designed pages, widgets, and gallery images, WebEden provides many different options for an affordable price. 

 Plans and pricing 

WebEden offers four main plans that are cheaper from other web hosting sites like Wix. You can try WebEden for free as long as you like, then purchase a plan in order to make your website go live. In order to utilize the best deal, it helps to sign up for a yearly plan. There are over 100 templates, which is a considerable number of designs. No matter which plan you choose, WebEden works well on a tablet, phone, or laptop.

The first plan, called Lite, costs $4.50 per month which equals $54 dollars per year. It includes the domain for one website, unlimited pages, and supports the sale of up to 20 products. All plans include free email forwarding. The next option is the Standard plan, which offers access to five websites and sale of 50 products for $9.00 per month. The Plus plan goes up to 10 websites and 150 products for $15 per month while the Max plan offers 20 websites and space to sell 1,000 products at $26.25 per month. 

Trying the pre-designed pages for free allows you to see your website put-together before ever making a purchase. You’ll grasp a better idea of whether this web host is a good fit for you. Once you register the domain, you’ll have access to free email forwarding and the option to add a professional email address.


The interface looks simple when you open the app. Once you choose a template, you can add all of your website information -- images, videos, text, and products. After creating a user on WebEden, your website is ready to go live. 

One slight downside of the interface is there’s not a lot of options. Whereas most web hosting offers a wide variety of features, WebEden is pretty straight forward; it provides templates, the domain, and an unlimited number of pages. You can choose the color scheme you want for your website, and there’s a wizard that will show you step-by-step what you need to do next. If you ever want to change or update your website, you can edit it through the online interface. 

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The interface is one of the best components of WebEden - it’s straightforward without offering too many options that might be confusing. For example, color schemes are put together and you can search for templates based on the type of website you want to build. You can test out the interface for free as long as you want. You only need to pay for WebEden when you decide to go live with your website. WebEden updated their service so now you can edit over your phone. Because of the clean interface, it isn’t as difficult to start building your website. 

WebEden offers automatic help with your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), so people on the internet will have an easier time finding your website. Rather than adding all of the SEO yourself, WebEden makes it easy by optimizing your pages for you.

WebEden includes over 100 templates - each one is already assembled like a complete website, and there’s also an editor to help with spelling and grammar, and you’ll see areas for inserting test, shapes, images, and links.

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 The competition 

WebEden has several competitors including Wix, Puzl, Macaw, Voog, and SnapPages. Most all of these web hosting websites include drag-and-drop features, multiple templates to choose from, and a built-in editor. WebEden is a great option if you’re looking to build your own website but have never tried before. Other web hosting websites, like Wix, have a larger variety of features and provide more in-depth information on how to build a website. However, with a larger web host like Wix, you’ll have to pick between more features which could mean you end up spending more time. The great thing about WebEden is that you don’t have to make as many decisions to create a website, and it’s more affordable, as although Wix starts at $13 per month, WebEden is only $4.50 per month.

Final verdict

WebEden is an affordable tool that can help you build a professional looking website without needing to learn HTML, and you can start building your website right away. Even though WebEden doesn’t provide as many unique features, it still has plenty of templates to choose from, so you can enjoy creating a website without spending tons of time on the details. 

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