Uzio HR and Payroll review

Let Uzio take the strain when it comes to your HR and payroll tasks

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If you're looking to roll lots of administrative tasks into one cloud-based system then Uzio could prove to be the answer thanks to its diverse set of features.


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    HR management

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    Automated payroll

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    Excellent onboarding


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    No obvious pricing

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Uzio is a SaaS-based company that offers small, medium and large-sized business users HR, benefits, payroll tools and much more all rolled into one convenient platform. It’s been designed to have appeal to a wide variety of companies and can be scaled according to the needs and number of employees in your business. The software comes with three core business uses aimed at employers, brokers and partners. 

One of the main benefits of Uzio is that it lets business owners streamline a lot of administration tasks into one online platform, thereby cutting down on workload and boosting efficiency. There are tools for tackling everything from HR matters through to tax affairs, along with powerful options that let your company stay on top of managing records and compliance, handling payroll and all points inbetween.


There's no obvious pricing for Uzio so you'll need to contact their sales team (Image credit: Uzio)


There are no advertised prices for Uzio as it’s a SaaS solution that requires the sales team to fit a package to suit your requirements. You can request a demo, as is customary for many SaaS packages, in order to take a tour of the features and functions. 

This is a great idea as it allows you to see if it’s a good fit for your business needs. Following that up by meeting with the sales team should see your business kitted out with a tailor-made edition of the Uzio platform. Uzio does also offer a free trial if you want to road test the software for yourself in the meantime.


The package gets off to a great start with excellent onboarding features (Image credit: Uzio)


The Uzio cloud-based platform has been built to accommodate businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, if you’re an employer then it comes packed with some highly useful tools for taking care of worker-related admin. The HR aspect of the software allows you to streamline the onboarding of new employees, configure smart employee time-off tracking plus carry out PTO and personnel tracking too. 

Meanwhile, the Uzio payroll aspect of the software offers a fully integrated cloud-based system that integrates with the HR system. Therefore, your business can manage payroll, handle taxes, salaries of employees and then carry out year-end reporting all within the same application. 

Automation is central to a lot of what Uzio does, which, combined with intuitive dashboards and controls, makes multi-tasking a doddle. Uzio also offers a high level of employee self-service access too.


Day-to-day personnel issues such as time-off can be managed with ease (Image credit: Uzio)


The Uzio SaaS platform features all of the usual safety and security features expected from a system that handles employee data. There are ongoing data backups, while the company also says that it relies on multiple security layers to keep customer data secure. 

As for the day-to-day running of Uzio then the fully-integrated system seems more than able to cope with large levels of employees, with all-in-one HR, benefits and payroll tools designed to improve the overall efficiency of businesses. 

The way that Uzio can sync in order to ensure accurate payroll is carried out, while also keeping employee time-off information up to date is hugely valuable. Many tasks within the platform are automated, which takes the edge off many more humdrum administration chores.


The Uzio package also offers plenty of powerful reporting tools (Image credit: Uzio)

Ease of use

Perhaps the best thing about the Uzio platform is that it rolls multiple tasks into one interface, allowing businesses to improve their efficiency and automate many jobs. Indeed, the list of tasks that can be managed from within the Uzio portal, including self-service options for employees is extensive to say the least. 

It’s easy to tackle onboarding and offboarding, manage payroll, carry out PTO tracking, handle benefits and set garnishments. There’s more too, such as working out time and attendance details and also handle processing issues with workers compensation and benefits. There are even options to tackle legal issues, which means that pretty much all bases are covered with an easy to master interface.


Features like the admin dashboard are designed with ease of use in mind (Image credit: Uzio)


As you’d expect from such an apparently feature-heavy SaaS solution, Uzio comes with plenty of help on the support front. Indeed, Uzio prides itself on the level of communication it offers. Raising tickets, for example, results in an initial acknowledgement, and then a subsequent series of follow-up comms as issues are resolved via email. 


The Uzio online helpdesk is also hugely useful for admins and employees alike (Image credit: Uzio)

There is a similar level of help for employees using the self-service aspect of Uzio, with a help desk and support staff on hand to deliver guidance with any issues. There are live chat options too, along with the option to call if needed.

Final verdict

Uzio offers a pretty complete solution for many businesses, both large and small. It already numbers over 1700 employers amongst its user ranks, with over 50,000 employees being taken care of, so it must be doing a decent job. Although it is possible to get both a demo and a free trial you’ll need to contact the Uzio team in order to get a better idea of pricing. 

So, while there are no off-the-shelf prices available it’s a little difficult to judge what sort of ROI you can expect. Nevertheless, the features mentioned above certainly indicate that Uzio has much to offer, no matter what the size of your business happens to be. A demo or trial seems to be the next logical step if you're suitably intrigued.

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