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Offers a wide range of fleet tracking services

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Trackimo has a wide range of solutions and devices which it sells globally, and the plentiful customization options for reports are certainly commendable. That said, some facets of Trackimo's online presence - and its Better Business Bureau rating - could be improved.


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    Wide range of products

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    Impressively customizable reports

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    Global coverage


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    Dormant social media accounts

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    Rating on Better Business Bureau

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Trackimo (opens in new tab) is a US-headquartered fleet management service provider offering a cloud-based solution that is ideal for fleet tracking (opens in new tab) a wide range of assets including vehicles, mobile or non-mobile assets, personal vehicles, drones, machinery, equipment and more.

While Trackimo’s primary markets are the US, Canada and Europe, its products are sold across the globe in over 150 countries. The company offers solutions that are meant for enterprises as well as GPS tracking gadgets for personal usage.

Trackimo offers real-time fleet monitoring while adding a level of security for both the driver as well as the vehicle.

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Trackimo doesn’t list its pricing and related terms and conditions online. That said, the company does mention that its Enterprise plan is available at $60 per year per device, but there is no information about contract terms.

The company offers a free demo to qualifying clients, but the relevant eligibility criteria is not listed on the site. The only option to assess your eligibility is to get in touch with the company via its helpline or online live chat.

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Trackimo does not call itself a fleet management company, but rather the website describes the business as an “IoT solution provider with proprietary technology, enabling worldwide connectivity for M2M devices”, which clearly refers to the wide range of solutions it offers.

Trackimo offers real-time updates which help businesses to increase profits by efficiently controlling costs like maintenance and fuel, reducing the amount paid for insurance premiums, and reducing workload by automating various tasks like routing and scheduling.

The company sells various tracking devices, both hardwired as well as plug-and-play. While the hardwired tracking devices are ideal for complying with regulatory policies, the plug-and-play devices can be used in different vehicles based on your requirements. This flexibility allows companies to plan their hardware budgets efficiently.

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Trackimo’s real-time tracker not only tracks the vehicle’s location but also calculates the vehicle’s idle time. This effectively helps businesses identify reasons for fuel wastage and coach drivers on efficient driving habits.

Trackimo provides intuitive vehicle tracking software which is not only user-friendly but also feature-rich. It allows adding up to 100 vehicles at a time and efficiently tracks the vehicle and its route, and alerts the operator whenever a vehicle exceeds a preset speed limit.

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Some of the key features of Trackimo are as follows:

  • Efficient route planning: Trackimo lets organizations plan routes efficiently and automatically. This reduces the workload of dispatchers and proper planning of the route promotes cost-efficiency. Well-planned routes not only save on fuel costs but also result in timely deliveries and therefore higher customer satisfaction.
  • Employee safety: Trackimo’s GPS devices come equipped with an SOS button that raises an instant alarm informing the operator about any untoward situation. Furthermore, the operator can keep tabs on the driver’s status and activity remotely which further ensures their safety and well-being.
  • Reports: Detailed reports on driver performance, fuel consumption, distance travelled, vehicle idling, maintenance, engine hours, and more help decision-makers stay aware of the smallest of issues with the fleet operation. Decisions like replacing a vehicle, coaching or rewarding a driver, maintenance and more can be easily taken care of based on the trends in these reports. Trackimo offers customizable reports based on your requirements to ensure that even the smallest fleet operation can be tracked.
  • Driver visibility and vehicle tracking: Real-time tracking of vehicles ensures that operators and admins are aware of wear and tear issues, and they can arrange timely servicing and upkeep of the vehicle and its vital parts like the engine, battery and tyres. This also helps in reducing shrinkages as well as tracking overtime, thus ensuring eligible drivers get paid for their extra time at work.

Other features available with Trackimo’s fleet management solution are the ability to add a point of interest and landmarks on the map, and there is a roadmap view which shows the transit routes of all the vehicles in an area, and a fleet summary which offers a holistic summary of the current state of the entire fleet.

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Trackimo offers support via a dedicated helpline number, online ticket system, live chat and even email. The support team works from 10am to 6pm on weekdays. While the company is present on various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, its accounts on these sites are largely dormant.

The company has a help center on the website which contains various FAQs and a user manual for self-help.

Final verdict

Trackimo offers a range of products and services to cater for users with varied requirements, with its fleet management solution best suited for small and mid-sized fleets.

Trackimo is not accredited with Better Business Bureau, and the portal has rated the business with a 'B' grade. However, the service has got a 4.5-star average rating from user reviews, and it only has 8 complaints on Better Business Bureau.

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