Perimeter 81 ZTNA review

If you have a remote or home-based workforce, Perimeter 81 is an excellent choice for your business.

Perimeter 81
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Perimeter 81 is the ultimate solution for unified networking and network security, offering robustness and effortless usage for any user - in the office, at home, or on the go. Plus, its cloud-native nature provides extra benefits like Zero Trust remote access, internet access control, malware protection, and firewall as a service, giving you the power to craft a safe corporate network over a private global backbone in no time, no hardware needed.


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    Simple and intuitive interface

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    Great network management features

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    Great user management features

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    Large number of servers across multiple locations


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    Support needs access to sensitive data to assist properly

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A well-known name in the security business, Perimeter 81 is a very powerful service designed to protect local networks, cloud configurations, and applications. For business users, there’s the excellent business-class Perimeter 81 VPN, a service that’s miles ahead of what you’d find in a consumer VPN provider. In addition, the VPN provides plenty of features from securely connecting remote personnel to the company's intranet from any location, to managing user groups.

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Plans and pricing

Perimeter 81 is one of the pricier providers on the market, since all of the three main pricing plans have a surcharge of $50 per month per gateway ($40 if you go annually). The pricing starts with the Essential plan at $10 per month per user ($8 per month for annual pricing), and you get split tunneling, Wireguard protocol, private DNS, and a few more things.

Premium plan is the next one, and it costs $15 per month per user ($12 per month for annual pricing) and adds some more features, like 10 cloud firewall policies, 2FA and SSO. Finally, there’s the Premium Plus plan that’s priced at $20 per month per user ($16 per month for annual pricing) and adds more advanced security features and wider coverage.

If you need more features, you can opt for the Enterprise plan, but you will have to go through the sales team to discuss details and prices.

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 pricing models (Image credit: Perimeter 81)
Perimeter 81 is Techradar's best business VPN
Save 250+ yearly hours on manual configuration. Deploy your entire organization within a single day. Learn why Perimeter 81 is TechRadar's choice for the best Business VPN

Perimeter 81 is Techradar's best business VPN
Save 250+ yearly hours on manual configuration. Deploy your entire organization within a single day. Learn why Perimeter 81 is TechRadar's choice for the best Business VPN. Ditch legacy hardware and make the move to the cloud. See how simple it is for yourself.


Perimeter 81 brings all the benefits of a traditional corporate VPN - safe remote access to corporate intranet resources and protection on unsecured public WiFi networks - without the cost and effort of expensive physical servers and specialized personnel. In addition, it provides flexible access to a variety of non-traditional network resources like cloud networks and IoT devices and can be quickly scaled with on-the-fly creation of private VPN server gateways with static IP addresses. 

Administrators can monitor network activity, assign granular access permissions, and manage multiple user groups with team permissions via a unified management portal. With easy-to-use apps for major platforms like Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, Perimeter 81 also provides access to a large public VPN network, automatic WiFi protection, two-factor authentication, and integration with identity providers such as Google Suite, Okta, OneLogin, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory. 

Further features include HIPAA compliance for healthcare, data protection for finance, and a multi-tenant cloud with IP configuration capabilities. All in all, it offers a plethora of features, but what you get will depend on the plan you go for.

Interface and in use

Perimeter 81 makes it easy to equip your team with the cloud-based service they need. Simply invite team members to join, and they’ll receive an email containing the instructions to download the Perimeter 81 client software, which works on a wide range of platforms. 

Then, use the Cloud Management Portal to manage your team members, servers, and permissions. With the Team tab, you can view each team member’s activity and assign them different roles with different levels of access. To access the desktop app, just follow the easy sign-in wizard, which helps set things up with a few clicks.

Overall, the UI is clean and intuitive, making Perimeter 81, one of the easier options to use when you’re in need of protection for your network.


Perimeter 81 offers a plethora of assistance, particularly when setting up your management area. You can even request a complete demo of the system for a first-hand glimpse before making a commitment to purchase. A variety of help pages and instructional videos are available to help you master each feature and its setup. Plus, the website boasts an instant chatbot for answering any general queries about what the service provides and how to get started. In addition, you can submit a ticket for more specific inquiries and expect an emailed response. 

If your query leads to an appointment, the rep will contact you rather than provide a direct and instant answer. This system is designed to ensure a smooth transition to sales, demonstrating the commitment to a business-first attitude across all areas. The level of help differs based on the plan you choose; Premium and Premium Plus subscribers are guaranteed prioritized aid, while Enterprise plan members receive 24/7 assistance. Those with Basic plans and prospective customers can expect a response during unspecified work hours.


Although Perimeter 81 has distanced itself from the SaferVPN brand, its VPN is located in Israel, where data protection laws are incredibly stringent and strictly limit the government’s ability to intrude on personal data. 

Logging-wise, Perimeter 81 keeps track of administrative and team member activities, such as inviting new members, changing team permissions, creating access gateways and more. Connection logs like timestamps, device locations and hostnames are also recorded. Furthermore, original IP addresses are logged on private access gateways but not on public servers.

The competition

Okta is a strong competitor as it too offers a plethora of features, mostly hidden behind its numerous pricing plans. Though Okta requires more technical know-how, it offers a comparable service and, in some segments, even better options compared to Perimeter 81. 

Twingate is another competitor, but with much less to offer compared to both Perimeter 81 and Okta. Better granularity when it comes to configuring all of the security details sets Twingate apart from its competition, along with its lower pricing.

Final verdict

Perimeter 81 is a great choice for businesses that have numerous employees accessing a shared network. The service has unmatched security, blazing fast VPN servers, and user access control. Basically everything you’d ever need. That said, it is pricier than most, but it is worth the price if you need a dependable network solution, especially if you’re a bigger company.

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