Asus NX90JQ review

Asus and Bang & Olufsen join forces for this new laptop

Asus NX90JQ
Do you get enough Bang (& Olufsen) for your buck with the NX90JQ?

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Asus nx90jq

We found it very hard to come to a conclusion about the Asus NX90JQ. On the one hand, it's a laptop with a uniquely gorgeous design, great audio, innovative usability – courtesy of the twin touchpads – and powerful performance.

But there's a nagging feeling that, while the NX90JQ does its job well, the audio isn't that spectacular, the twin touchpad design – which does work – is a little pointless without the excluded Desktop Rotation software and the performance isn't all conquering. All these arguments are placed into even sharper relief when the price is chucked into the mix.

It's important to note, however, that the above qualms may be of little consequence to those simply after something a little different and have the cash to splash. For the rest of us, however, better value for money (if that's what you're after) can be found elsewhere. The Acer Aspire Ethos 8943G or the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition (if you're after something a little more portable) are good starting points.

We liked

There's a lot we liked about the Asus NX90JQ. First and foremost, the design is killer, and the glorious polished aluminium finish is beautiful to behold.

The sound quality produced by the B&O speakers is also impressive and some will really enjoy using the twin touchpad system – especially the left-handed.

This is a very powerful machine that will carve its way through pretty much anything you care to throw at it. Add in the Blu-ray drive and considerable storage space and you're looking at a highly specified laptop.

On-top of the above the NX90JQ boasts a wealth of features including a TV Tuner, USB 3.0 and cutting edge networking technologies.

We disliked

Firstly the cost, and ultimately it's hard to see how the NX90JQ offers value for money.

Sound quality is good for a laptop, but equalled or bettered by a standard set of desktop speakers – which may be a better and cheaper option if you're looking to enhance your audio experience.

Performance is good, but not all-conquering, and for those with serious multimedia interests, such as gamers and serious movie editors, there's more power on offer elsewhere for cheaper.

For a multimedia machine, the screen brightness isn't quite up to scratch.