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TechRadar Verdict

Onfleet provides a one-of-a-kind value proposition for its customers and is an excellent choice for hyperlocal delivery companies, with a number of advantages in this area.


  • +

    Clearly defined pricing and contract details

  • +

    Supports smaller as well as large vehicles

  • +

    Easy on-boarding process


  • -

    Some important telematics features missing

  • -

    Not listed with Better Business Bureau

  • -

    Restrictive phone support

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Onfleet is a newer brand that offers fleet tracking services that are perfect for small fleets and startups looking to optimize their delivery operations. The company, which was founded in 2012, has already tracked over 500 million miles and facilitated over 150 million deliveries in 90 countries for over 1,000 customers.

This cloud-based solution streamlines delivery operations and maximizes efficiency by providing businesses with insights that enable them to make informed decisions. Onfleet indicates that its solution gets used by such notable corporations as Kroger, Total Wine, and more.

Onfleet: Pricing

Onfleet is a company that values simplicity. It has a straightforward pricing scheme and lists most of its terms and conditions on its website. Unlike most companies in its industry, Onfleet offers a free 14-day trial, which allows you to test its services before you sign up.

The plans offered are monthly, and we did not find annual discounts.

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Unlike other companies, Onfleet’s charges are based on the number of tasks rather than the number of vehicles. It offers three different plans: Launch, Scale, and Enterprise. The details of these plans follow below:

Launch: This is the entry-level plan that offers the least amount of features but is the cheapest. Priced at $500 per month, this plan offers features like unlimited users, route optimization, 90-day historical analytics, and photo and signature proof of delivery. It has 2,000 delivery or pickup tasks bundled with the subscription.

Scale: Available at $1,150 per month, the Basic plan comes with 5,000 bundled tasks. Apart from the features of the Launch plan, the Scale plan adds one year of historical analytics, advanced ETA notifications, standard onboarding, and barcode scanning.

Enterprise: There is an Enterprise plan as well that is custom-designed for each client. It offers additional features like advanced route optimization, unlimited historical analytics, premium onboarding, and a private-label recipient tracking page. The pricing, however, is not mentioned online, and the company prefers businesses to connect directly with the sales team to build this plan.

Onfleet: Features

Onfleet is a cloud-based, last-mile delivery management platform that helps businesses streamline their operations. It eliminates the need for paper invoices and multiple Excel spreadsheets and features an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Onfleet is different from other similar services in that it does not require the installation of hardware to track drivers. Instead, it relies on an app that is installed on the driver's smartphone or tablet. The app is compatible with most iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. Since no additional hardware is required (assuming most folks already have an appropriate smartphone), the initial investment is only the subscription fee. This makes the onboarding process easier.

Some of the key features of Onfleet’s solution are:

Predictive ETAs: Onfleet uses AI and machine learning to create algorithms that predict estimated times of arrival (ETAs) with high accuracy. This feature keeps tasks updated in real time based on the driver's delivery route. Additionally, predictive ETA notifications are sent to recipients to keep them updated on the delivery status based on the tasks the driver completes. 

Proof of delivery: To ensure the real-time confirmation of delivery status, Onfleet offers various options for proof of delivery, such as collecting photos, signatures, and barcode scanning.

Two-way communication: Two-way communication between the operator and delivery staff helps them stay up-to-date on any issues related to delivery delays and driver safety. 

Route optimization: Onfleet’s system automatically creates the most efficient route for deliveries, taking into account factors like time, location, capacity, and traffic. It can also update the routes as needed, keeping the driver informed of any changes.

Auto dispatch: This feature automatically assigns deliveries to drivers based on their past history and performance, which reduces the time and effort required to ensure timely deliveries. 

Alerts: Onfleet provides alerts based on a variety of triggers, such as ETA, delivery completion, and so on. Alerts may also be sent to recipients to assist them in tracking their deliveries and the ETA.

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Onfleet: Support

Support is an area that could use some improvement, particularly direct support. The primary contact method is the contact portal, which means that there is no chat or fax as alternate methods. There is a direct email, but you need to search just a little too much; it should be listed on the contact page, but it is not. The contact portal does allow for attachments, such as images of the issue, but it does not provide an Hours of Operation or an anticipated response time.

There is an option for a phone call for support, but it is pretty limited—in fact more limited than just about any other company in this area that offers phone support. The call needs to be scheduled, and Onfleet needs at least 24 hours of advance notice to schedule the phone call, which is pretty long when experiencing a service issue. Furthermore, you are limited to the number of phone calls each month, and they do not roll over from month to month. Even on the Enterprise plan, the limit is only three phone calls each month, and on the entry plan, it is a single phone call.

Onfleet offers a host of training options, including videos and online guides. Its social media accounts like X, Facebook, and LinkedIn are fairly active, and the company keeps adding fresh content to the official blog.

Onfleet: Final verdict

Onfleet stands out from other fleet management companies in that it charges based on tasks rather than the number of vehicles. While it may not offer the full range of services of a full-fledged fleet management company, its solution is tailored to businesses involved in last-mile deliveries.

The business is not listed on the Better Business Bureau website and, therefore, has no user reviews or ratings there.

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