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Motivosity offers a robust employee engagement platform, centered around three areas of focus: community, recognition and management. We appreciate the choice of tiers, and the starting point of a free tier. For employers looking to connect with employees better, this platform is worthy of your evaluation.


  • +

    Free tier

  • +

    Top rated iOS app

  • +

    Appreciation prizes

  • +

    Extensive Knowledgebase

  • +

    Transparent and affordable pricing


  • -

    No free trial

  • -

    No annual discounts

  • -

    Android app has glitches

  • -

    Limited direct support options

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Motivosity is an employee engagement software platform designed to build the ‘Company culture.’ This private company is based out of Orem, Utah, and was founded in 2013 by the current CEO, Scott Johnson, who also founded Workfront. The goal is to create motivated employees, and it boasts a particularly high user engagement rate of over 90%, by fostering employees to connect and feel appreciated. Notable companies that use this software include DuPont, Toyota, Western Governors University and Hitachi Chemical.


There are three paid tiers as well as a free tier (Image credit: Motivosity)

Plans and pricing

Motivosity has a four tiered pricing structure, and at the bottom is a free tier.

It starts at the bottom tier which is known as Connect, at a cost of free.  It includes a number of features including personality profiles, a visual organization chart, and peer-to-peer appreciations. 

The lowest paid tier is known as Listen, and adds some essential Features such as employee satisfaction surveys, pulse surveys, turnover tracking and analysis, along with scheduled insight delivery. The cost for this is a modest $2 per person per month.

The next tier up is Recognize, which has a cost of $5 per person per month.  Everything in the lower-tier is included, and it adds influence currency, a spot bonus program, awards and badges, and service award in milestones. 

Moving up to the top tier takes us to Lead which carries forward the features from lower to plans and raises the price to $6.50 per person per month. Additional notable features include one-on-ones, continuous feedback, performance coaching and succession planning.

We did not find a free trial, nor did we find an annual discount.


Motivosity helps organizations create a sense of belonging, a culture of gratitude and build relationships with their employees in a meaningful way (Image credit: Motivosity)


Motivosity’s features focus around three key areas: Community, Recognition and Management.

The first up is Community, to engage employees into a “Sense of belonging.” The goal is to build a community that employees can engage in that they will feel welcome in and subsequently use. overall Motivosity indicates  a 95% user participation rate. The plan tiers of Connect and Listen focus on this area (see below).

The second focus is Recognition, with the goal of creating “A Culture of Gratitude.” Here, employees and managers get appreciation, and feel valued. The Recognize tier plan has features around this area, such as the influence currency, which the employee can then spend for items, such as a gift card.

The third area is Management, which the Lead tier plan focuses on. The goal here is to have dedicated and strong leaders, building relationships that are meaningful along the way for engaged and loyal employees. 

A license with Motivosity includes tools such as personality profiles, interest groups, and company highlights to ideally engage employees. Personal profiles allow employees to better know their peers on a more personal level. Furthermore, the relationships can then grow through interest groups. 

Mobile App

Engage your employees on the go with Motivosity's mobile apps for Android and iOS (Image credit: Motivosity)

We also take note that Motivosity includes apps for both smartphone platforms. Apple users are sure to be pleased at the iOS app, which is truly top rated at 5 stars, with users applauding the easy to use interface. Android users get the short end of the stick here, as the rating is significantly lower at 3.8 out of 5 stars; comments complain about the lack of using the company login, and glitches. However, Motivosity does respond to most of the comments, and for the sake of completeness the newer reviews are more positive than the older reviews.


Motivosity's Knowledge Center contains plenty of helpful information on getting the most out of its software (Image credit: Motivosity)


The support options for Motivosity focus on the Knowledge Center, and the self help that is offered therein. Topics for help get organized into various categories, such as the changelog, using the program, and managing the team. Under the category, such as for example “Launching Motivosity,” there are multiple articles including “Setting Up an Automatic Language Translation,” and “Setting Up Motivosity.”

Alternately, the direct support options are limited to a single option- a support portal. We did not find an email, a direct phone number, nor a chat to speak directly.

Final verdict

When it comes to employee engagement the software service Motivosity brings to the table a wealth of tools to better connect with a diverse workforce. Strong points include the multiple tiered pricing structure that starts with a free tier, the excellent Knowledge Center, the well done iOS app for the Apple smartphone, and the available surveys for employee satisfaction. However, our criticisms include the glitches on the Android mobile app, the limited support options without chat, a phone number, or a direct email address, and the lack of a free trial on upper tiers. Taken all together, Motivosity is a worthy entry into online software for employee engagement.

Jonas P. DeMuro

Jonas P. DeMuro is a freelance reviewer covering wireless networking hardware.