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Human Medical Billing
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Human Medical Billing is a decent service for those practices looking to outsource their billing in a simple and affordable fashion.


  • +

    Works with all EMR’s

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    HIPAA compliant

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    Mostly transparent pricing

  • +

    Minimal contractual obligation

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    A+ business rating with BBB


  • -

    Smaller company

  • -

    Limited support options

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Human Medical Billing has a focus on billing and accounts receivable management for private medical practices since 2001. It is based out in Granada Hills, California, and also provides ancillary services, such as medical coding, denial management, managed care contract negotiation, and coding audits. Its executive staff has experienced firsthand the financial frustrations of running a medical practice, and provide a service to help with your success.


This billing service has a number of attractive features. Start with that it can work with any EHR platform that the practice is already on. This is quite important as most practices out there are already currently using an EHR, and who wants the hassle of transitioning- with the costs of retraining and potential downtime, and it is a far superior approach to choose a medical billing service that works with your current platform. Also, for a practice that has no current EHR, an EHR will be provided, totally free and at no additional cost.

Another pro is the minimal contractual requirement. While some services have a lengthy and restrictive contract, Human Medical Billing features a more basic contract, and it is indicated that it is not time bound. This allows you to stop using this service at any time with a reasonable 30 days of notice, so there is no lock in to it. This also means gives Human Medical Billing further incentive to do a good job at all times, otherwise customers are essentially free to leave if they are unhappy.

Human Medical also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Medical billing services

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Human Medical Billing follows a stepwise process to collect the charges. It starts with collecting the patient charges from the office on a daily basis via either the EMR, or keyed in by staff. Then medical claims software is used to scrub the claims to eliminate errors. The claims get invoiced, and then payments are received both electronically and via paper remittance. Payment is received directly from the payer at your choice of the practice or Human Medical Billing. According to Human Medical Billing, payment should be received in as little as 7 days for a private payer, and 14 days after submission for Medicare. 

These payments are reviewed, compared to the fee schedules, and entered into the system with the goal of correct reimbursement. Patient balances then get billed out, and follow up mail and phone calls are made for payment collection; patients are provided an 800 number at Human Medical Billing for the billing questions that inevitably arise. The practice gets Aging Reports to keep the practice informed of the outstanding bills and collections. For past due bills, Human Medical Billing gets their Reimbursement Specialist involved for following up the claim to maximize collection and avoid bad debt. The practice is kept up to date with reports sent out, and clients can also access their account via an online interface on a 24/7 basis. 


There is no need for any software, as Human Medical Services does their billing off of the physician’s current platform. Additionally, no mobile apps are available to be used.

Getting support is via direct contact to your account manager. We are talking really direct access as reportedly there are only three account managers, and their direct cell phone numbers are provided to the users for help when needed.


Human Medical Billing has a very transparent pricing structure, that is based on a percentage of the collections. The rate is 5% to 7% of the total collections, which means that this company has some “Skin in the game,” and if it does not collect anything, then it will not make anything either, so the incentive is there to get it done. This ensures that the practice will maximize its chance of getting paid as Human Medical Billing has to produce if they want to get paid. Finally, Human Medical Billing does not get paid until the practice does, so there is no outlay for their services.

The percentage range is based on the total amount of collections, so at a higher volume, a lower rate can be negotiated. Note that there is a minimum $500 per month spend.

Additional services are offered as well, with some unknown costs. These include free medical transcription, credentialing services and a social media profile for the practice, and online patient scheduling. We appreciate that Human Medical Billing does not charge separately for each of these services, and uses them as a ‘Value add;’ the unfortunate part is that “Minimum monthly billing applies,” in order to receive these services, but no specifics are provided to what this minimum is. Also, there is a “Low start up” charge, which again is not detailed. 

Final verdict

Human Medical Billing is a simplified service that is dedicated to medical billing. Practices that want a simple solution to outsource their billing while keeping their existing EHR, without complicated software or lengthy contracts, and a simple percentage charge based on collections will find that it meets their needs nicely. Those looking for a larger company, that offers fancy mobile apps, integrates more fully with their EHR, and has more developed support options will be disappointed. For smaller practices that wish to explore outsourcing their billing, Human Medical Billing offers an affordable entry point.

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