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Guerrilla Mail Review
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If you’re looking for a streamlined temporary email service that’s fully anonymous and backed by a tidy user interface, you could certainly do worse than to use Guerrilla Mail.


  • +

    Streamlined user interface

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    100% anonymous at all times


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    Limited organization features

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    Anyone can access any inbox

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The best secure email providers are designed to help you send and receive sensitive or private information without exposure to hacking or data breach risks. Temporary anonymous email services are also useful, particularly for those who don’t want to use their standard email address for a particular purpose. 

Our Guerrilla Mail review takes a close look at one of the world’s most popular temporary email platforms.

Founded in 2006, Guerrilla Mail has been providing secure anonymous email services for more than 15 years. Over 13 billion emails are claimed to have been processed through the system, which speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of the platform. 

Premium Services

Guerrilla Mail’s premium services weren’t available at the time of writing (Image credit: Guerrilla Mail)

Plans and pricing

Like many similar anonymous temporary email services, Guerrilla Mail is 100% free, forever. You won’t ever be asked to pay for a premium subscription, and all features can be accessed without even creating an account. 

In the past, GuerillaMail offered a premium service that enables you to use your own domain with a temporary email address. However, this tool was recently retired due to a lack of demand, and new orders are unavailable. Existing customers can continue using the premium platform, but expect it to be closed down completely at some point in the future. 


Guerrilla Mail enables you to send and receive emails fast and efficiently (Image credit: Guerrilla Mail)


Like many similar platforms, Guerrilla Mail offers a bare-bones temporary email service. Advanced tools and features are virtually non-existent, so don’t expect anything too fancy if you decide to use it. 

In simple terms, it enables you to create a temporary inbox that you can send and receive emails from. All emails are deleted one hour after being delivered or opened, ensuring your privacy remains intact at all times. 

One noteworthy tool is the email address scrambler. Due to the nature of the service, anyone can access any inbox if they have its address. By scrambling this, it becomes easier to maintain your privacy and reduce the risk of prying eyes viewing sensitive information. 

Another interesting feature is the Guerrilla Mail API, which enables tech-savvy users to connect the system to their own app. This tool won’t be useful for most users, but some people will love it. 


The user interface is simple and intuitive (Image credit: Guerrilla Mail)

Interface and in use

To get started with Guerrilla Mail, simply navigate to the platform homepage and select a temporary email address. You can create your own address or generate a random one. What’s more, addresses can be scrambled to reduce the risk of others accessing your inbox without your permission. 

The inbox itself is quite basic, but it does what it needs to. Messages are presented when you navigate to a specified inbox, and you can view, forward, reply to, or delete them as required. All messages are automatically deleted after an hour, or you can delete them sooner for added privacy. 


You can speak with the Guerrilla Mail team via Facebook or Twitter (Image credit: Facebook)


Unfortunately, Guerrilla Mail doesn’t provide very much information about its security practices. All messages are held in “quarantine” until you access your inbox, and they will be deleted if not claimed within one hour. All read messages are also automatically deleted after an hour, reducing the risk of your mail falling into the wrong hands. 

Terms of Service

Guerrilla Mail provides clear terms of service on its website (Image credit: Guerrilla Mail)

On the plus side, there’s a clear privacy policy and terms of use. You won’t ever have to create an account or provide personal information to use Guerrilla Mail, which is good to see. No information is stored once emails have been deleted, which means that there’s virtually no risk of your data being stolen by a malicious third party. 

The competition

Guerilla Mail is one of the best temporary email service providers we’ve used. If for some reason you don’t like what it offers, you might consider Dispostable. This platform offers very similar services, and it’s backed by a solid reputation and a streamlined interface.

Alternatively, you might like to go for a true secure email provider like ProtonMail. Here, you will benefit from your own dedicated inbox, end-to-end encryption, and a solid zero-access policy to ensure your data is never viewed by prying eyes. However, you will have to pay for a premium subscription to access most features. 

Final verdict

All things considered, Guerilla Mail is one of the best temporary email services we’ve used. It enables you to generate a random inbox address, and receive messages that you don’t necessarily want in your normal inbox. All messages are automatically deleted within an hour, and the platform is simple and easy to use. 

Be aware that anyone can access your inbox if they have its address. Support is limited, but there’s really little else not to like. 

Ultimately, you could certainly do worse than to use Guerrilla Mail if you’re looking for a streamlined temporary email address that’s fully anonymous. 

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