Epos Now Order & Pay point of sale (POS) review

Advanced online ordering POS software for everything from contactless dining to curbside pickup.

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TechRadar Verdict

With excellent contactless ordering and payment tools, impressive data collection and analytics, and everything else you could want from a POS system, Epos Now Order & Pay stands out as an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.


  • +

    Excellent contactless ordering tools

  • +

    Neat reporting and analytics features


  • -

    Premium support packages may be required

  • -

    Product configuration tools are a little basic

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Finding the best POS system for your needs will help you provide streamlined service across the board, regardless of the type of business you run. Epos Now Order & Pay is a very popular point of sale (POS) platform that’s used by more than 30,000 customers in 71 different countries. 

But reputation and size aren’t everything in the modern business world, which is why we decided to complete this full Epos Now review. Below, you will find information about the platform’s purchase options, main features, customer service, setup, and more.

What's the difference between Epos Now vs. Epos Now Order & Pay?

First things first, you my be wondering why have this review in addition to the Epos Now POS review. Epos Now Order & Pay is separate to the Epos Now POS in that, Order & Pay is purely a POS system to manage online ordering. It integrates easily with their existing POS system. 

In their initial press release, the company described one key advantage of Order & Pay "an entirely app-less platform, meaning that customers can browse a menu, make an order, and pay from any device, with no need to download an app."

Epos Now Order & Pay can help you with:

  • Curbside pickup
  • Takeout
  • Food delivery
  • Table order and pay services
  • Venue-branded online ordering via QR code or URL

Epos Now Order & Pay: plans and pricing

Epos Now is available in various flavors, with tools and features designed for specific industries. You can purchase the complete POS system for a one-off payment of $449. This comes pre-configured for hospitality, retail, restaurants, fashion, and various other industries. 

A one-time payment will get you full access to the complete Epos Now software. This can be used on virtually any device, including tablets, Windows computers, and Mac computers. Android and iPad systems are also available for $599. These come with full software access, along with hardware including a receipt printer, cash drawer, and POS stand. 

Alternatively, you might like to pay for a monthly Epos Now subscription. Prices start at $39 per month and include a similar range of hardware tools. You will also get access to an Epos Now Pro-C15W terminal, which comes with a water-resistant touchscreen for easy management.

Epos Now Order & Pay review

Monthly subscriptions start at $39 per month (Image credit: Epos Now)

Epos Now Order & Pay: features

Epos Now Order & Pay is a powerful POS system that’s designed to minimize contact between your customers and your staff. It does everything you would expect a POS system to do, and we’ve outlined a few of the most noteworthy features below. 

For one, the Epos Now system enables customers to order meals or drinks directly from their smartphone. App downloads aren’t required, and people can browse your menu, order their meal, and pay their final bill without any contact whatsoever with your staff. 

When a customer accesses your ordering interface, they will be presented with a tidy list of the available options. Everything is responsive and fast, and you can rest assured that customers will have a pleasant ordering experience across the board. 

You can access a range of advanced analytics tools from your back office. Generate sales reports, see which items are selling best, and use the range of provided insights to inform educated marketing and business decisions. Once you've gotten used to the features, we've got 9 inspiring ideas on how to use POS system customer data.

Epos Now Order & Pay features page

Epos Now specializes in contactless ordering and payments (Image credit: Epos Now)

Epos Now Order & Pay: interface and in-use

The Epos Now software can be separated into two sections—the till and the back office. The till enables you to accept payments, take orders, and make sales. Various apps can be added to customize the till interface, and each employee can log in with their own details for streamlined management. 

But the back office is where the fun really begins. Here, you will find employee management, analytics, and reporting, till management, and various other tools accessible via the menu on the left of the screen. The options here are impressive, enabling you to gain insights into and configure virtually every aspect of your POS system.

Epos Now Order & Pay back offce

The Epos Now back office is intuitive and packed full of advanced features (Image credit: Epos Now)

Epos Now Order & Pay: support

Account support should be a big factor in choosing the right POS system for your business

Epos Now’s customer service is a little confusing. There is 24/7 live chat, but other live support streams are only available with one of a selection of premium support plans. These vary in price, and some can only be used with specific subscriptions. 

Fortunately, there are numerous self-help resources that you can take advantage of to ensure you’re getting the most out of your system. There’s a neat community forum, a Guide Me tool designed to help you understand the user interface, and various articles, guides, and tutorials available through the knowledge base.

Epos Now Order & Pay support page

There are various support options available (Image credit: Epos Now)

Epos Now Order & Pay: security

If you decide to use Epos Now, you will have access to various security tools to help you protect your business. For one, all employees will be equipped with their own PIN numbers and/or swipe cards, reducing the risk of unauthorized system access. Restrict which employees can perform which actions, and ensure all sensitive information is properly protected from prying eyes.

Epos Now Order & Pay security features

There are various tools available to help you secure your system (Image credit: Epos Now)

The competition for Epos Now Order & Pay

Epos Now is a decent option if you’re looking for a simple, streamlined POS solution. However, there are alternatives worth considering. 

For one, Square is a great option for virtually any type of small business. It enables you to accept payment directly through your mobile device, and it only charges small transaction fees—no monthly or one-off license fees. 

Lightspeed is another great option, particularly for larger restaurants and retail businesses. There is a range of stock management and other tools available, although prices will be a little high for some users.

Epos Now Order & Pay: final verdict

After taking everything into consideration, we can comfortably say that Epos Now Order & Pay is one of the best POS systems we’ve tested. It features neat contactless ordering and payment tools, along with an intuitive user interface and a range of employee management features. 

Prices are quite competitive, and there’s really little not to like. We’d recommend reaching out to the Epos team for a chat to see if this program is the best option for your business.

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