Crucial MX300 SSD 1050GB review

Big storage SSD

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It’s hard to get excited about SATA 3 SSDs these days, and the Crucial MX300 1050GB SSD is a case in point. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, as it simply means that it comes with the features and speeds that we’d expect of an SSD for this price range. 

There’s no surprises here, so you’re getting good and consistent performance, with a warranty that gives you peace of mind when entrusting important files to this drive.

We liked

The high capacity of this SSD is very welcome, and it means if you only have space for one hard drive in your device, such as a laptop, then you don’t have to make a compromise in disk space for SSD speeds.

The price is still high, but compared to some of its competitors that offer similar performance, it’s at the more reasonable end of the price range.

We disliked

Overall, there’s not much to dislike about this drive, though speeds could be a little faster. 

While the price is lower than many of its competitors, considering the high capacity of this drive it’s still a lot, so you may want to spend your money on a drive that offers better speeds.

Final verdict

The Crucial MX300 1050GB is a straightforward, no frills, SSD that features good performance levels in read and write speeds and plenty of storage space. It comes in a variety of capacities, so if you don’t need 1TB, there are other sizes that would suit your needs better. 

It’s not the fastest SSD on the market, so if you’re considering paying the high asking price, then you may want to consider paying a little bit more for a drive with better performance.

However, while the Crucial MX300 1050GB doesn’t excel, neither does it disappoint. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and its performance levels were in line with what Crucial promises. 

When it comes to affordable large-capacity SSDs going for a dependable yet unflashy drive is sometimes the best bet, and as long as you keep your expectations in check, you won’t be disappointed with this drive.

Matt Hanson
Managing Editor, Core Tech

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