You can now buy a WordPress domain that will be yours for 100 years 100-Year Plan
(Image credit: has announced a new, 100-year plan for domain registrations as it looks to take the hassle out of renewals while offering customers a true sense of security.

The century-long domain registration exceeds the typical cap tenfold, which the website builders says is good for ensuring digital legacy for businesses and families.

The company said in an announcement that the majority of its customers are day-oners. Given that overwhelming sense of loyalty, being able to secure an online presence for a whole one hundred years may actually be more useful than ridiculous. ‘100-Year Plan’

The company, which is responsible for hosting what it calls “the most trusted CMS on the planet” (that’s the WordPress CMS, which according to the WordPress hosting provider’s site, is the backbone of 43% of the web), hopes to attract more than just business customers looking to protect their company’s future. also wants its 100-year plan to be the one that provides families with the security to preserve digital assets, particularly media like photos and videos.

WordPress CMS co-founder and CEO Matt Mullenweg said: “I hope this plan gets people and other companies thinking about building for the long term.”

There’s a catch, though, which is especially notable for individual customers, and that’s the price. For a full century of domain security, charges $38,000. That’s the equivalent of $380 per year, or for those who prefer monthly installments, almost $32 per month. This is a one-time payment only.

That eyewatering price does include more than just the domain, though, such as multiple and regular backups, enhanced ownership controls for passing on the domain and associated account to colleagues, successors, and other family members, and 24/7 support. also gives customers access to “top-tier managed WordPress hosting.” TechRadar Pro has asked the company to confirm which plan is included as part of the $38,000 package, but the company did not immediately respond.

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