Will AI PCs actually be any help in the workplace? This report says not yet

New intelligence by Forrester Research has claimed emerging AI-capable PCs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, and they’re unlikely to bring businesses any tangible efforts just yet.

The firm's report notes the absence of a ‘killer app’ is holding back businesses from reaping the rewards of new, more powerful models.

Citing AI PC production and adoption as inevitable, Forrester simply says that the surge in consumer spend for the market is unlikely to arrive just yet.

AI PCs are still in their infancy

AI PCs are set to offer localized processing for AI workloads, helping to reduce the reliance on expensive cloud resources as well as improving latency.

Ongoing economic conditions have been impacting device refresh rates globally, and while the PC market has recently showed signs of resurgence, other factors could also be holding back businesses from upgrading just yet. For example, many could be waiting for the initial glut of AI PCs to pass by before they buy more advanced models. Others are behind held back by their preference for Windows 10, which is set to reach end-of-life in October 2025.

Windows 10 has not dropped below 66% market share since its launch, making it the most popular version of the Microsoft-owned operating system. Windows 11 currently accounts for around one-quarter (27%) of all Windows installs, by comparison (via Statcounter).

Despite Forrester’s apprehension, other PC market analysts have predicted substantial year-on-year growth for AI PCs. The most recent Canalys forecasts suggest that 50 million PCs shipped in 2024 will be AI-capable. With 57 million total devices shipped in the first three months, AI PCs could account for around one in four or one in five shipments this year.

Via The Register

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