Shockbyte launches new control panel, promises faster load times and more

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Gaming server hosting provider Shockbyte has just announced a new and improved control panel, promising faster load times, new features, and a more user-friendly environment.

In a press release, Shockbyte claims that its new control panel is 185% faster, on average, than the previous panel. Now, page load times will be reduced to 150ms, while providing a direct connection to players’ servers for live, instant server information.

Setting up and controlling the servers should also be easier and more streamlined. Server activation is now “superfast”, as they put it, while installing game mods, managing server files, inviting friends to co-host, or transferring server regions, should be improved thanks to the “minimal-click backend”.

Open beta from April 2nd

Shockbyte has also introduced a new Instances feature, which will allow players to easily switch between different versions or game modes within the same server. Furthermore, users can expect advanced port management, database management, remote console commands, one-click commands, day/night mode, and more. 

With this iteration of the Shockbyte Control Panel, the team wanted to create the “fastest, simplest, and most secure server hosting tool ever made,” commented the company’s Managing Director, Mitch Smith. “The number of clicks, speed, customization, and control over your server has been streamlined to make the Shockbyte Control Panel an accessible tool for veteran server hosts and newcomers to hosting alike.”

The new offering is now in Open Beta and free to use in the days leading up to the official launch. The company did not say when that might be, and it will probably depend on the performance, and popularity, of the new tool in Beta mode.

Shockbyte is an Australian player-owned game server hosting provider, known for being one of the world’s longest-running and best Minecraft server hosting providers. 

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