This versatile graphics-card docking station transforms your laptop into a high-performance machine – ideal for design and video editing

Peladn Link S-1 e-GPU Dock
(Image credit: Peladn)

If you want to perform intensive computing tasks on a laptop or desktop with native or basic graphics, you’re going to find it a struggle - and video editing in particular can often be a nightmare.

The Peladn Link S-1 e-GPU Dock provides a simple solution to this problem and lets you connect an external graphics card to your computer. It supports a wide range of products from NVIDIA and AMD

However, Peladn recommends using an RX570 or above for AMD cards, and a GTX1060 or above for Nvidia cards.

Keeping cool

To get started, users will first need to add their own suitable power supply to provide power to the dock and the graphics card. The S-1 has connectors for ATX and SFX PSUs.

Next, add the graphics card and connect the dock to your computer and the network. The S-1 has two Thunderbolt 3 ports, ensuring lightning-fast data transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps. 

The S-1's compact design means it takes up minimal desk space, although it will be bulked up considerably when you add the PSU.

The dock features a built-in open cooling design that effectively dissipates heat to ensure optimal performance even during heavy usage.

The Peladn Link S-1 e-GPU Dock is currently available for purchase from Geekbuying, priced at $229.99.

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