Slack Lists want to make project management easier than ever — and save you stress and money while you're at it

Slack Lists
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Top online collaboration tool Slack has set out its bid to become your company’s project management assistant with a new feature that looks to save time and resources.

The new Slack Lists tool allows users to monitor and manage their work without having to manoeuvre between a range of difficult apps or channels, making sure focus stays in a single location and work flows productively.

The company says lists will “bring structure to conversations in Slack”, and help cut down not just on time spent doing monotonous tasks, but also on money spent on unnecessary or unhelpful software.

Slack Lists

“With lists, you can turn conversations in Slack into actionable tasks that drive work forward,” said Denise Dresser, CEO, Slack. 

“Now those loose next steps shared in a project channel can be tracked across a team. With project management in Slack, teams across organizations will have everything they need to complete projects faster and increase productivity using the full power of Slack.”

The company says lists can help across a wide range of use cases, with the ability to bring multiple workflows and tasks together on a single platform helping boost collaboration for firms of all sizes.

Project management is undoubtedly one of the biggest use cases, with lists allowing teams to track the progress of all kinds of work from start to finish, taking tasks through different stages with seemingly unlimited customization and scaling options. Tasks can be monitored as they progress, with workers able to quickly edit or triage anything needing a change, making sure nothing gets left behind.

If tasks need extra help or collaboration, lists allows workers to bring in colleagues or other resources to a conversation via message threads. Teams can also harness Slack’s Workflow Builder tool to automate minor or routine tasks, free up workers for more productive tasks.

Available to users everywhere, Lists will be included in all paid Slack plans, and will see a global rollout across the coming months.

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