AI could play a huge role in protecting companies from cyberattacks

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It seems that AI is increasingly becoming a useful tool for cybersecurity professionals, with this year looking set for widespread adoption.

A joint report from Google Cloud and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) surveyed over two thousand IT pros around the world, and 82% claimed that generative AI is being adopted by their firm already, in order to gain a competitive advantage.

67% also said that generative AI is being used specifically for cybersecurity purposes. However, confidence in its deployment isn't high, as only half of respondents believe their organization is capable of integrating AI with cybersecurity effectively. 

Sticking points

Only 28% said they are "reasonably confident" in the technology, and only 20% are "very confident."

Caleb Sima, chair of the CSA’s AI Safety Initiative, believes that "the disconnect between the C-suite and staff in understanding and implementing AI highlights the need for a strategic, unified approach to successfully integrate this technology."

Despite the lack of confidence, IT pros do see the potential in using AI tools to strengthen their security posture: over half (55%) said they would be deploying AI-powered cybersecurity tools this year, and 63% believe it could improve threat detection and response. 21% said rule creation would be its most popular task, whereas 19% said it would be attack simulation and detecting compliance violations. 

But respondents also acknowledged the threat AI poses to cybersecurity, as 31% said the technology could make cyberattacks more effective, with 28% believing it could actually be more useful to threat actors than cybersecurity teams. 

When it came to AI's role in the workplace, 30% said it would enhance their skill set, while 24% said it would take care of many work tasks for them, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their role.

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