Samsung's 86-inch Android display has an incredible feature — a 500V capacitor to protect it from voltage spikes

Samsung WAD display
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While Samsung is still using its Tizen OS to run many of its smart screens, it has now also partnered with Google to bring out a large Android 13 powered interactive display called WAD.

Available in 65-, 75-, and 86-inch models, this display is aimed at educational establishments, combining an interactive classroom experience with a suite of educational tools.

Because it runs Android, users can install apps through Google Play, as well as access educational Google services like Google Classroom and Google Drive. WAD also comes with a Device Management Solution (DMS) for remote monitoring and control of classroom displays, and Advanced Messaging, so the displays can be used to send messages across campuses, classrooms and public spaces.

WAD was that?

Samsung says the WAD series features enhanced protection against electrical surges and it comes with a 500V (DC) capacitor to instantly absorb high voltage, as well as a glass type fuse to prevent damage.

The WAD displays also incorporate anti-humidity glue in the essential areas of the chipset to resist humid conditions. This feature allows the device to be effectively used in areas with high humidity or heavy rainfall.

The series includes optional attachable Wi-Fi, and a 3-in-1 USB-C port that allows connected devices to be charged at up to 65W. There’s also an HDMI output, front stereo speaker, penholder and handle.

Scott Porter, Managing Director, Android Chrome Enterprise Partnerships at Google, makes it clear that he sees this as just the start of things. He says, “We are thrilled to bring more Android EDLA-certified devices through our partnership with Samsung Electronics, expanding Android’s reach beyond consumers to schools and businesses.We look forward to a continued partnership with Samsung to provide innovative display solutions for classrooms and beyond.”

There’s currently no word on pricing or availability for the WAD series.

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