Not many businesses think they're actually ready for AI in the workplace

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As many as four in five (83%) companies’ networks aren’t currently prepared to handle the complexity involved with AI workloads, according to new research from Cisco, which states that AI-powered Internet searches require 10x more computing power compared with traditional searching.

The study of more than 8,000 business and IT leaders also noted that only 14% of organizations are fully prepared for AI tools more widely, including infrastructure, data governance, and talent.

Despite the clear challenges, businesses are generally keen to employ artificial intelligence across their operations, but ROI could take longer than anticipated with a poorly configured network.

We’re still not ready for AI

It’s been one year since the public preview launch of ChatGPT, and in its wake, we’ve been faced with hundreds of viable AI tools designed to boost productivity and efficiency.

The vast majority (97%) of the companies surveyed noted a boot in their urgency to deploy AI tools over the past six months, with boards and leadership teams most poised to take advantage of the technology.

Looking ahead, around two-thirds (61%) say that they must deploy their AI strategy within the next year or face negative implications that could be detrimental to their company’s success.

Liz Centoni, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Applications and Chief Strategy Officer, for Cisco, said: “The race to AI Readiness is on, with organizations under intense pressure to shift from strategic planning to execution mode in order to capitalize on the transformative potential that AI represents.”

In the coming months, Cisco highlights the key areas that businesses should tackle in order to get on top of their AI strategies: upgrading their infrastructure, preparing their data for AI, recruiting and training the right talent, enforcing an AI policy early, and communicating goals and ambitions clearly to all employees.

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