Meta shuts down Workplace, its Slack rival that never really took off

Workplace from Meta
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Meta has decided to pull the plug on Workplace, its enterprise communication platform designed to take on the likes of Slack, that never really took off.

Once envisioned as a significant player in business communication and productivity, other services piggybacked on the pandemic to rise to the top, leaving Workplace struggling to catch up.

Facebook’s parent company has now confirmed that the online collaboration and communication app will be phased out over the next two years, giving customers until May 2026 to find another suitable solution.

Workplace users given two years to find an alternative

Initially launched as Facebook @ Work before being rebranded as Workplace, the platform was designed to facilitate communication. 

However, despite attracting some pretty big customers, including Spotify, Starbucks and Walmart, the platform faced mounting challenges from more established rivals like Teams.

TechCrunch’s report on the shutdown cites an unnamed source, detailing Meta’s future plans and its reason for sunsetting Workplace:

“We are discontinuing Workplace from Meta so we can focus on building AI and metaverse technologies that we believe will fundamentally reshape the way we work.”

As part of the closure, Meta has appointed one single preferred partner – Workvivo, a similar product sold by Zoom. Meta has committed to helping customers migrate to Workvivo.

Customers have been given until August 31, 2025 to continue using the app, by which time they will need to have found another alternative. Between September 1, 2025 and May 31, 2026, Workplace will only supporting reading and downloading existing information in order to facilitate migrations. During this time, subscription charges will be wiped.

Workplace’s Core Plan costs $4 per user per month, with a small handful of add-ons available for an additional $2 per user per month. Workvivo, which has attracted customers including Amazon, RyanAir and Virgin, does not disclose pricing.

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