IT departments are playing a major role in helping meet sustainability goals

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IT departments are playing an increasingly important role in organizations’ sustainability goals, new research has claimed,

A recent study conducted by  OpenText emphasizes the increasing commitment of companies to sustainable initiatives as they face external pressures to introduce more environmentally-friendly solutions, with an overwhelming majority (97%) of companies already having embraced, or are set to embrace, sustainability initiatives.

However, despite companies’ clear intentions, two in five (42%) have only just embarked on their journey, highlighting the long journey ahead.

Enterprise sustainability is being driven by IT workers

OpenText CPO Muhi Majzoub commented on the report’s findings: “Sustainability is proving to be more than a popular social cause. There are solid business reasons pushing it: efficiency, cost savings, regulatory compliance. Because it is a ‘win-win’ scenario for all, sustainability is now a part of the decision-making process at most companies.”

The report also indicates some of the challenges faced by organizations on their journeys to become greener, including the need for innovative tools and expertise, which has become a serious issue for companies worldwide amid skill shortages.

Currently, half (51%) report not using sustainability software solutions to track their IT carbon footprint. Lack of knowledge and expertise accounted for a similar number (46%) of the survey’s participants.

The report also alludes to cloud adoption, with 51% claiming that sustainability initiatives are pushing them toward public cloud adoption. Other recent studies have found that hybrid environments continue to perform well, with companies favoring the security and control of on-prem infrastructure.

Looking ahead, the company suggests that the integration of newer technologies, like artificial intelligence, could help to deliver on environmental goals by improving analytics and streamlining operations, thus boosting efficiency and reducing emissions. 

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