HMD wants to be the new Blackberry as it launches new affordable handset to appeal to B2B, enterprise markets — Pulse+ Business Edition is as bland as it gets but don't ignore its shockingly good business credentials

HMD Pulse+ Business Edition
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HMD has unveiled the HMD Pulse+ Business Edition smartphone, the first of its new range of handsets targeting enterprise users.

The HMD Pulse+ Business Edition boasts a 6.56-inch HD+ screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, 6GB RAM,128GB storage, a 5000mAh battery, 50MP rear camera, and an 8MP front shooter. It offers a host of business-ready features such as network lockdown, pin pad scramble, and the option to disable biometric identification during setup. 

Alongside the phone, HMD has also launched its Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) service for business users. This enables companies to manage and update Android apps across the device fleet from a single place, providing enhanced flexibility and control over software deployment.

Repair it yourself

HMD says the Pulse+ Business Edition places a heavy emphasis on security, efficiency, and sustainability and the company promises users five years of security updates, a three-year warranty, and enterprise-compatible security measures like PIN-only power off. 

With this phone, HMD is supporting Repair It Yourself (RIY) solutions. The device can be easily fixed with spare parts available through the HMD Repair Hub partnered with iFixit, supporting in-house repair programs and decreasing dependency on external repair centers. For more complex issues, HMD offers DHL Express Door to Door Care, do devices can be sent off for professional repairs. 

"The HMD Pulse+ Business Edition addresses key business needs including efficiency, security, and sustainability, through features like a repairable design, extended warranties, and comprehensive security updates," noted James Robinson, senior vice president for enterprise at HMD.

"At HMD, we have already developed a range of smartphones specifically for business use, enhanced by our HMD FOTA service, which allows IT managers to control device updates effectively."

The HMD Pulse+ Business Edition in Midnight Blue is available for purchase across Europe from today priced at €199. 

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