Higher earners will be impacted most by AI

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A recent study published in Science has claimed artificial intelligence is most likely to impact higher earners such as software engineers and data scientists.

Though the fear AI will replace human workers has been addressed by many studies, it seems that some more skilled workers may be subject to a certain level of job displacement after all.

The analysis of over 900 occupations revealed that 20% of employees could see more than half of their tasks potentially affected by new advancements in technologies like AI.

AI could threaten certain skilled workers

As with any study, this serves as a prediction of one model, subject to many variables. If anything, it underscores the uncertainty surrounding AI’s influence on the labor market.

Interestingly, the study came from two OpenAI workers, together with a representative from Britain’s Centre for the Governance of AI and one from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Despite revealing some unwelcome truths about the technology, the study was also carried out with the help of generative AI. The assessment of 923 job roles used a combination of human analysis and the GPT-4 LLM.

An estimated 18.5% of workers are in jobs that could have more than 50% of their tasks replaced by automation and AI. Four in five workers will see at least a 10% disruption from AI, highlighting its widespread and far-reaching effects.

Some of the jobs most affected by AI include blockchain engineers, clinical data managers, public relations specialists and financial quantitative analysts. Those less likely to be affected were predominantly manual workers, such as motorcycle mechanics, athletes, tire repairers and changers, and stonemasons.

In fact, only 34 of the 923 jobs were predicted to be free from AI interference.

While the future remains unclear, the study certainly helps to identify some key areas for further research in order to support efforts to protect workers from job displacement in the wake of the AI revolution.

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