Google just solved one of its biggest spreadsheet issues - but you might not ever notice how

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Google Workspace is looking to solve one of the most obvious, but potentially unexpected issues with its spreadsheet software via a new update.

The office software suite has announced it will be bringing "smooth scrolling" to Google Sheets, making the user experience much more pleasant and fluid for users everywhere.

The "highly-requested feature" will be coming to Google Sheets on desktop, with the company saying it, "improves control over your scrolling experience in Google Sheets. With smooth scrolling, you can scroll to a specific part of a row or column and stop wherever you’d like within the spreadsheet."

Google Sheets smooth scrolling

The feature will be available to all Google Workspace customers, Google Workspace Individual subscribers, and users with personal Google accounts, and is rolling out to all users now.

Google Workspace says the tool will work with all Sheets features, including frozen rows, hidden columns, charts, buttons, comments, and on right-to-left layouts. It will even work when you use scrollbars instead of a mouse or trackpad, with both new and existing spreadsheets being compatible.

Google Sheets smooth scrolling

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The news is the latest in a series of upgrades made to Google Sheets in recent months as the company looks to ensure its service remains useful and intuitive for users everywhere.

Most recently, a change to the Comments feature within not just Sheets, but also Google Docs and Slides, means that users will be able to cut through clutter by minimizing the sidebar and hiding actions for other people.

Google's Duet AI platform is also getting a firmer foothold in Sheets with the addition of Enhanced Smart Fill, an upgraded version of the existing Smart Fill functionality, which is designed to help reduce the amount of time workers spend on manual data organization.

The company also recently announced users will be able to import and convert sensitive Microsoft Excel files into client-side encrypted Google Sheets, ensuring users on both platforms can not just easily browse the file, but also feel more comfortable sharing important files, adding an extra layer of security for those crucial documents.

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