Google Gemini is getting Business and Enterprise plans — and it promises not to use your data to train models

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Google looks set to introduce two new subscription plans for Google Workspace customers keen to get their hands on the company's new Gemini AI model.

References to "Gemini Business" and "Gemini Enterprise" have been spotted in a recent changelog spotted by Testing Catalog on X.

According to the summary of version 2024.02.21, the plans will grant users access to 1.0 Ultra in Gemini as well as enterprise-grade protections.

Gemini ready to replace Duet AI

Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise, which are optimized for English in over 100 countries and territories, reportedly promise to be more private offerings for companies and organizations, meaning any data being shared will not then be used for further training purposes.

Google’s naming conventions have been somewhat confusing recently, with the pre-AI Google Assistant being flanked by the AI-powered chatbot, Bard, and the office software add-on, Duet AI. Now, though, Google looks to be rebranding its entire consumer-facing artificial intelligence portfolio with the new Gemini branding, and Duet AI looks to be the next product to get the overhaul.

A Google Workspace add-on, Gemini Business and Gemiini Enterprise plans will offer AI assistance across a number of popular office apps like Docs, Slides, Sheets and Gmail. It’s unclear whether they will also provide enhanced access to the company’s standalone chatbot, Gemini.

Although these paid plans are set to be based on 1.0 Ultra, Google has already confirmed plans to launch Gemini 1.5, which is set to offer similar levels of quality for reduced compute power.

Despite a slightly haphazard start to its AI portfolio, it’s clear that Google’s AI era is here as it starts to roll out some serious updates to more and more users. Let’s just hope that it sticks with the Gemini branding to prevent any further confusion.

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