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Streamline your workflow, enhance collaboration, and ensure the security of your valuable data with robust features, seamless file storage, and user-friendly interface.


  • +

    Robust and flexible admin console

  • +

    Easy setup and facilitation of collaboration

  • +

    Wide variety of native integrations


  • -

    Limited document creation capabilities

  • -

    Less robust file version histories compared to Google Workspace

  • -

    Lack of workflow automations like Box

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Dropbox for Business is a cutting-edge business cloud storage service designed to meet the needs of businesses that prioritize efficient file storage and robust collaboration features.

With a wide range of plans and pricing options, including Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise, Dropbox Business caters to organizations of all sizes.

The platform offers robust features, such as an intuitive admin console, cloud storage with offline access, and collaboration tools like Dropbox Paper. With enhanced security measures, including remote device wiping and trusted teams, Dropbox Business ensures the privacy and protection of business data. Additionally, the platform provides excellent customer support through various channels, including live chat and email.

Dropbox for Business: Plans and pricing

Dropbox has plans intended to suit all businesses, ranging from small teams to enterprises. 

The Standard plan is aimed at small teams and costs $15 per user/month. For this you get 5 TB of storage, content protection and external sharing controls, file and account restoration for up to 180 days, and automatic backup of computers and external drives to the cloud.

The Advanced plan for large teams costs $24 per user/month, and comes with customizable storage based on the organization's needs. Additional features Include everything in the Standard plan, along with security monitoring, notifications, and alerts, data classification for sensitive and confidential information, and the ability to transfer large files with Dropbox Transfer (up to 100GB).

The Enterprise plan for large organizations comes with custom pricing and storage according to needs. Additional features include everything in the Advanced plan, along with enterprise-grade security and visibility tools, integration with best-in-class security solutions, and a dedicated customer success manager.

The Standard plan is suitable for small teams with 5 TB of storage, providing content protection, restoration, and automatic backup features. The Advanced plan expands on the Standard plan, offering enhanced security features, data classification, and the ability to transfer large files. The Enterprise plan is fully customizable and provides advanced security tools, integration options, and personalized customer support. Each plan is designed to cater to the needs of different team sizes and organizations.

Dropbox for Business: Features and utilities

Dropbox Business provides a host of features to enhance your cloud document storage experience. The admin console is a standout feature, offering flexible management options and comprehensive security settings. You can easily manage team members, permissions, and import/export options to streamline your workflow and protect your files.

The cloud storage capabilities of Dropbox Business are robust, allowing for seamless accessibility across various devices and offline access to files. File recovery and backup options ensure the safety and availability of your data.

Collaboration is a breeze with Dropbox Business, thanks to its flagship feature, Dropbox Paper. This collaborative hub empowers teams to work together effectively, with features like task management, document editing, and integrated access to other platforms such as Google Drive and Trello.

Dropbox offers a range of features that greatly benefit businesses. With Dropbox Transfer, businesses can effortlessly send final files up to 100 GB to collaborators and clients, ensuring smooth file sharing. The automated folders feature helps maintain organization by implementing standardized naming, tagging, and sorting for shared folders. Long distance elimination ensures that files are promptly removed from lost or stolen devices, safeguarding company data. 

Link permission allows businesses to protect shared links with passwords, disable downloads, or set expiration dates, granting temporary access when needed. By utilizing online storage only, businesses can save valuable hard drive space while still accessing files directly from their desktops. The admin console provides a statistics dashboard, enabling businesses to monitor team activity, view connected devices, and audit external sharing. Dropbox Paper offers a simple yet powerful solution for creating, sharing, and keeping teams on track, complete with administrative controls. 

The integration of over 300,000 third-party apps extends the functionality of Dropbox, allowing businesses to tailor their experience to their specific needs. With direct support, businesses can quickly obtain answers to their questions through priority phone and email support, ensuring smooth operations. 

Dropbox for Business: Setup

Setting up Dropbox Business is a straightforward process, and the user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate the platform. The intuitive design allows for seamless onboarding, ensuring that businesses can quickly adapt and start utilizing the platform's powerful features.

Begin by visiting their website and selecting a suitable plan. Create an account or log in, and easily set up your team, customize settings, and invite members. You can configure storage quotas, define access permissions, and conveniently install Dropbox apps on various devices. 

Create shared folders to facilitate collaboration, train team members, and effortlessly manage your team through the intuitive admin console. 

Dropbox for Business simplifies the setup process with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive guidance, ensuring a smooth experience for users.

Dropbox for Business: Ease of use

Dropbox for Business is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use. Users can easily create accounts, customize settings, invite team members, and configure access permissions. The platform's admin console offers flexible management options, allowing users to streamline workflow and protect files effectively. Dropbox Business also excels in providing robust security measures, including two-step verification and remote device wiping, ensuring the privacy and protection of business data. With comprehensive customer support through live chat, email, and a resourceful blog, Dropbox Business offers assistance to users of all account types, ensuring a smooth experience.

Dropbox for Business: Security

Dropbox Business offers robust security measures such as two-step verification, single sign-on, and password requirements. Additional features such as remote device wiping, account transfer, watermarking, and trusted teams enhance data security. Business owners can maintain control and ownership over their data through account transfer during employee turnover or organizational changes. Watermarking adds security by embedding identifying information on shared files, deterring unauthorized distribution. Trusted teams allow owners to define specific groups of authorized users. These features and control options empower business owners to protect their data and maintain a secure digital environment.

Dropbox for Business: Support

Dropbox Business offers customer support through live chat, email, and a resourceful blog. Users of all account types can access the help center, community forum, and chatbot 24/7. Plus, Family, Professional, and Business users can expect a response within 1 business day through priority email support. 

On the other hand, Enterprise plan users enjoy an even faster response time of 1 hour.

Live chat and phone support are available during local business hours. 

Support is offered in multiple languages, and users can contact support via email or chat in their preferred language. Phone support is exclusive to team admins of Dropbox Business and Enterprise accounts. 

Note: Phone support is not available for Business trial accounts.

Dropbox for Business: Competitors

Dropbox Business faces competition from several other players in the document storage market.

Box offers similar features to Dropbox for Business, focusing on secure file storage, collaboration, and integrations. However, Box has a stronger focus on enterprise-level security and compliance, making it a popular choice for industries with strict regulatory requirements.

Google Workspace is another option to consider. Dropbox for Business primarily focuses on file storage and syncing, while Google Workspace offers a comprehensive suite of productivity tools along with file storage capabilities. Google Workspace emphasizes real-time collaboration and integration with other Google services, while Dropbox for Business is more focused on providing a centralized location for file storage and sharing. It offers strong collaboration capabilities, real-time editing, and integration with other Google apps, making it ideal for businesses heavily reliant on Google's ecosystem.

Microsoft 365 is a productivity suite that includes cloud document management features through platforms like SharePoint and OneDrive. It excels in its integration with Microsoft Office applications, providing a seamless experience for businesses already using Microsoft tools. Dropbox for Business is primarily a file storage and sharing platform, while Microsoft 365 provides a comprehensive suite of productivity tools, including file storage, email, and collaboration features.

Dropbox for Business: Final verdict

In conclusion, Dropbox Business is a powerful cloud document storage solution that caters to businesses focused on efficient file storage and collaboration. While it may lack extensive document creation capabilities compared to competitors like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, Dropbox Business excels in providing a user-friendly interface, robust security features, and exceptional collaboration tools. For businesses seeking a centralized management system with a strong emphasis on storage and collaboration, Dropbox Business is an excellent choice.

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