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The Creality HALOT-MAGE PRO 3D printer impresses due to its superb build quality, high-quality prints and seamless integration into your home or workshop network. The LCD screen on the machine offers a user-friendly interface with direct control that makes it incredibly easy to use. At the same time, the auto resin fill and withdrawal system simplifies the setup and clean-up process. However, while using the machine is ultra-easy, it's important to note that some post-printing tasks, such as machine cleaning and the long finishing process, still require time and effort. Those drawbacks however are universal for all resin printers, the HALOT-MAGE PRO offers exceptional performance and print quality, making it stand out as one of the best in class.


  • +

    Excellent Build Quality

  • +

    Seamless App Control

  • +

    Auto Resin Handling


  • -

    Time-consuming post-print cleaning

  • -

    Lengthy Print Finishing

  • -

    No Print Platform Sensor

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Print Technology: LCD-based Stereolithography (MSLA) Resin 3D Printer
Build Area: 228x128x230 mm
Minimum Layer Resolution: 0.05mm
Maximum Layer Resolution: 0.15mm
Dimensions: 333x270x608mm
Weight: 13.3kg
Bed: Fixed build platform with adjustable height
Print Surface: Metal
Software: HALOT OS, HALOT BOX, and compatible with CHITUBOX Pro
Materials: Compatible with a range of SLA resins, including Creality fast resin and Creality 8K high-precision resin
Print Speed: Up to 170 mm/h (Hyper Speed)

The Creality HALOT-MAGE PRO is a cutting-edge resin 3D printer that utilises LCD-based Stereolithography (SLA) resin technology. Designed as a mid-range 3D printer, the features, quality and speed read like a wish list for all professionals, makers, and enthusiasts. 

The HALOT-MAGE PRO is a resin printer which unlike traditional filament 3D printers employs SLA technology, where a liquid resin is cured layer by layer with UV light to create detailed and intricate models. This allows for smoother surfaces, finer detail, and the ability to produce complex geometries easily. However, there is a cost as the fine support structures and clean-up process is a timely necessity after the models have been printed. However, the quality of the prints, especially with the likes of the HARLOT-MAGE Pro is a huge step up from what you would expect from a standard FFF 3D printer.

One of the standout features of this resin printer is the hyper-speed capability; this pushes the print speed up to 170mm/h, Just by comparison the average speed from most resin printers is around 60mm/h.

Moreover, the HALOT-MAGE PRO offers a larger build volume than many previous resin printers, enabling a little more freedom to create bigger projects. One feature of the machine that has appealed to me is the intelligent resin handling system; this feature was common on early resin printers but seemed to have lost popularity. It's return is welcome and helps to reduce mess during the set-up and clean-up process.


The Creality HALOT-MAGE PRO 3D printer is surprisingly stylish and looks great sat in the workshop. The footprint is respectable and access through the "MageArch" flip lid design, means that while the printer is large, it doesn't consume the entire work surface like some others. 

The "MageArch" flip lid isn't a unique feature, but again isn't as common as you'd expect and enables you to operate it with one hand easily. Also, with the lid attached, there's no need to set lids aside as you access the completed model; it sounds like a small consideration but actually makes a big difference when you're dealing with resin prints and a lack of space. The lid itself has an orange tint which has a practical rather than aesthetic function blocking 99.89% of ambient UV light. This ensures minimal light interference during printing, helping to ensure smooth surfaces and crisp edges.

On the front of the machine is a touchscreen LCD which displays the HALOT-MAGE PRO's interface. The UI is intuitive and makes navigation options and settings easy, including connecting to the local area network, selecting files, adjusting settings, and monitoring prints in real time. 

When it comes to design, the Creality HARLOT-MAGE Pro is exceptionally well-designed and fits easily into a workshop or large well-vented office. 


At the core of the HARLOT-MAGE Pro's features lies the epoch-making hyper-speed printing, boasting an incredible 170mm/h printing speed, quoted by Creality as 3 to 5 times faster than typical resin printers, which commonly come in at about 60mm/h. Then there's the "Dynax" motion system which enables smooth and precise movement as the build platform is lowered and raised from the resin, this helps ensure fine layering, dimensional accuracy and a smooth surface finish.

The HALOT-MAGE PRO's 10.3-inch 8K LCD screen might not be the highest resolution out there, I have a couple of 12K models that are presently being tested. However, at 7680x4320, it still offers more refined and anti-aliased prints than regular 4K printers, and this enables greater design detail and complexity. The build volume is generous at 228x128x230mm, which is again welcome. However, that larger tank does mean more resin!

One feature that is worth knowing about is the Integral Light Source 3.0, this feature boosts the Creaity Resin printer range with a more uniform light curing process and hardware than rival resin printers; this should ensure every part of the print receives optimal curing. An 8000μw/cm² light intensity enables rapid layer curing for smoother surfaces and sharp contours.


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One of the features that I've already mentioned in the design section is the auto-fill that utilises the Smart Resin Pump, enabling automatic resin fill and withdrawal. This feature saves time and reduces mess, making resin handling almost hassle-free, although some tank and feed tube cleaning still needs to be done at the end of the process. Still, this is all far easier than the usual process.


(Image credit: Future)

The smart air purifier is another welcome feature and one I'm starting to see on the new generation of resin printers. This integrated purifier helps reduce resin odours. The purifier is powered and controlled directly by the printer, so there's no interaction needed on by you; the carbon filter is also replaceable as a service part, which is easy enough to do. If the purifier isn't enough to kill the odour of the resin, then there's also a vent hole at the back which can be connected to an extractor.

When it comes to connection options, the HALOT-MAGE PRO offers a decent selection from cloud printing, LAN printing, or through a direct USB drive. The intuitive HALOT OS, powered by a high-performance CPU, provides a straightforward user interface through that front-mounted touchscreen LCD and can sync data and commands with various devices.

The HARLOT-MAGE Pro is a next-generation resin 3D printer that offers many features and connectivity options that you usually expect to see on professional machines. However, at this price point and with the design and features as they are, this resin printer looks set to challenge many far more expensive models regarding functionality, speed and potential print quality.


The performance of the Creality HALOT-MAGE PRO 3D printer is impressive, and from the outset, I can say that this is one of the best resin printers in its class and challenges printers that are far more expensive. Through the test, the HALOT-MAGE PRO consistently delivered outstanding results, showcasing its capabilities in various aspects.


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The printer's epoch-making hyper-speed printing is a revelation enabling you to achieve print speeds up to 170mm/h. This is impressively fast and while resin printers are generally faster than filament, this is another step-up in speed. 

The "Dynax" motion system seems to do the job promised by Crealitry with the smooth and steady lifting and lowering of the build plate, helping to minimise misprints and creating some of the finest quality prints I have seen from a home 3D printer. The model surface shows exceptional detail and precision, both with edge sharpness and dimensional accuracy, and the surface detail is impressive with its fine and delicate textures.

Through the test, I found the Creality App indispensable as getting to the print as quickly as possible once the print process finishes ensures that after a quick wash, the support removal and cleaning can be carried out which gains excellent results before the curing process. 

The print quality on the HALOT-MAGE PRO really is exceptional, rivalling some of the higher-priced 3D printers on the market. The 10.3-inch 8K LCD screen with its 7680x4320 resolution produces more refined prints with anti-aliasing, resulting in sharp and detailed models than when compared with 4K printers. Another advantage when it comes to the prints, but not so much the amount of resin required, is the build volume of 228x128x230mm. This enables larger and more complex prints, although it's worth pointing out that care needs to be taken with applying the supports with more delicate models. 

Two of the features that simply add to the user-friendliness of the machine are the printer's automatic resin fill & withdrawal system, which refills or recovers 1 litre of resin in just over half an hour, and the Smart Air Purifier, which helps to reduce resin odours. However, a well-vented room is still essential. It's worth noting the vent at the back, which enables you to vent those fumes away with an extractor, which I recommend. 

The "MageArch" flip lid is well worth a mention in the performance section; it's essentially a flip lid that helps to save space and is far more convenient than competitor models that require you to set the lid aside. It might seem like a small thing, but when workspace is limited, this is a very welcome feature. 

The HALOT-MAGE PRO offers exceptional performance, but there are the usual resin drawbacks to contend with. The post-printing process requires manual removal of supports, cleaning, and curing.

Another aspect that may require attention is the proper placement of supports. While the HALOT-MAGE PRO software does a good job, a little manual fine-tuning of the support structures is often needed to ensure the delivery of precise prints. Essentially it's often your skill with setting up supports for complex models that can influence the overall print quality. However, a little practice and familiarity with the slicer software and the support structures will make a huge difference to the success of your prints.


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The HARLOT-MAGE Pro's performance leads the field regarding speed, accuracy, and print quality, making it a top choice for designers, artists, jewellers and creators seeking fast, high-quality results. While, as ever, some manual post-processing is required, the HALOT-MAGE PRO's overall performance and ease of use make it stand out.

Creality HALOT-MAGE PRO 3D: Verdict

The Creality HALOT-MAGE PRO 3D printer offers exceptional performance, a user-friendly design, and superb print quality. It sets a new benchmark for resin printing with its epoch-making hyperspeed, delivering prints faster than typical resin printers while maintaining excellent print quality. Aimed at designers, artists, and creators of all levels of expertise, the HALOT-MAGE PRO is a versatile option.

The printer's standout features include the 10.3-inch 8K LCD screen with 7680x4320 resolution, "Dynax" motion system, large build volume of 228x128x230mm, 170mm/h print speed, automatic resin fill & withdrawal system, "MageArch" Flip lid and Smart Air Purifier.

If you're looking for a sleek, stylish and user-friendly resin printer, the HALOT-MAGE PRO is an excellent choice. Its intuitive HALOT OS, touchscreen interface, and easy integration into home, office, or workshop environments and networks make it easy to use. While Creality offers its proprietary slicer software, it's also worth noting the printer's compatibility with other slicer software, so it will easily fit into existing workflows if they're in place. 

As one of the best resin printers available at the time of writing, the HARLOT-MAGE Pro offers exceptional quality for its price range, outperforming many other competitors in terms of speed and accuracy.

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