Arm unleashes its most powerful CPU and GPU design yet as it targets Qualcomm, Apple and x86 — Cortex-X925 Core and Immortalis G925 GPU offer significant performance gains as Windows-on-Arm gathers pace

Arm Immortalis G925 GPU
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Arm has unveiled its first compute subsystems for consumer devices, simplifying the development of processors for desktops, laptops, and tablets running Android, Windows and Linux.

Building on its existing Total Compute solutions, Arm’s new CSS for Client platform includes the latest Armv9.2 Cortex CPU cluster (with the high-performance Cortex-X925 CPU, efficient Cortex-A725 CPU, and refreshed Cortex-A520 CPU), Arm Immortalis and Mali GPUs, and CoreLink Interconnect system IP.

This combination reportedly offers advanced performance for AI and other compute-intensive workloads. The CoreLink Interconnect system reduces DRAM bandwidth usage and enhances security through advanced memory management, while the Immortalis-G925 GPU, built on the 5th Gen architecture, delivers high performance and power efficiency.

Significantly faster inference times

The Cortex-X925 CPU and Immortalis-G925 GPU reportedly deliver significantly faster inference times, enabling seamless user experiences across a range of AI applications. Arm says the new CSS for Client achieves a 42% faster time-to-first token when running LLMs locally.

CSS for Client is also Arm's fastest platform for Android with significant improvements across key benchmarks and general compute use cases compared to the TCS23 platform. These include a 36% improvement in peak performance, 33% faster application launch times, 60% faster web browsing, and a 30% increase in peak graphics performance. These advancements support demanding tasks such as ray tracing and variable rate shading.

CSS for Client

(Image credit: Arm)

Scalable across various consumer devices, CSS for Client targets high-performance consumer technology, including  - no surprise here - next-generation AI PCs. 

"We are now delivering physical implementations across Arm, CPU and GPU, making it easier to build and deploy Arm-based solutions and leaving nothing to chance, enabling new performance points, compute capabilities, and helping speed time to market," said Chris Bergey, SVP & GM of Arm's Client Line of Business. 

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