Amazon's new ecommerce AI tool will let you create a listing using just a URL

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Amazon has announced a potentially game-changing ecommerce tool using generative artificial intelligence to make it even easier for sellers to manage their product listings.

With the change, sellers will be able to easily create high-quality product pages on Amazon’s platform just by providing a URL to their website.

The company said that the introduction of the new AI-powered URL-based uploading comes as part of its commitment to simplifying the listing creation process.

Create Amazon listings just with your site’s URL

The simplification process started late in 2023 when Amazon revealed a new generative AI capability that could populate a listings page with minimal input from the seller. Now, partners can use their existing site’s URL to advertise products on Amazon.

Traditionally, creating product pages required a lot of time and effort to ensure accuracy and comprehensive details. Amazon’s latest AI-powered streamlining tools not only do this but also tailor listings specifically for the ecommerce platform, helping businesses get the most out of their listings and hopefully boost ROI.

According to Amazon, over 100,000 selling partners have already used its AI listing tools, and the new URL method is hoped to provide even more flexibility for business owners.

Backed by customer feedback, Amazon says that AI-enhanced ads have demonstrated improvements in clarity, accuracy, and detail, enhancing a product’s discoverability on the platform. The company also said that the URL tool is a result of user feedback.

For Amazon, these powerful changes come at a slightly reduced cost because the company can use its own Amazon Web Services (AWS) business to benefit from cloud compute, foundational models, and more.

Speaking about the benefits of AI, VP for Worldwide Selling Partner Experience Mary Beth Westmoreland commented: “As more sellers leverage the technology to enhance their own product listing experience, we will provide them with increasingly relevant results, reducing effort for sellers while improving efficacy of generated listings.”

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