Amazon also slams Microsoft UK cloud practice following Google complaint

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Amazon has become the latest in a growing number of companies and bodies criticizing Microsoft’s anticompetitive business practices in the UK.

Google has already spoken out unfavorably about Microsoft following the company’s referral to the UK Competition and Markets Authority by Britain’s media regulator, Ofcom.

An investigation is already underway into the country’s cloud computing industry after the CMA got involved in October.

Microsoft criticized for cloud dominance, again

Amazon’s comment comes as something of a surprise, given that Ofcom highlighted both Microsoft and Amazon’s dominance in the sector.

In a statement to the CMA, Amazon commented: “To use many of Microsoft’s software products with these other cloud services providers, a customer must purchase a separate license even if they already own the software.”

Microsoft announced changes to some of its terms earlier this year, which it said was to “help these partners to be more competitive and grow their businesses.” They came into effect on October 1, days before the CMA confirmed its investigation.

Amazon’s statement also tackles that the company has been criticized for unfair business practices: “The cloud, and AWS in particular, has made switching between IT providers easier than ever before, which encourages vigorous competition to provide high-quality, innovative IT services at low cost.”

The company said: “AWS looks forward to engaging cooperatively with the CMA during its investigation.”

Conversely, Redmond’s statement was less optimistic, though the company did agree to engage with the CMA: “Microsoft considers there to be significant complexity involved in designing, monitoring and enforcing remedies which are effective, proportionate, and do not place an undue burden on cloud providers and, more importantly, their UK customers.”

More broadly, Oracle also commented on the investigation, as well as cloud customers like Vodafone and trade associations like CISPE.

TechRadar Pro has offered Microsoft and Amazon the opportunity to share their comments with us on the matter.

An Amazon spokesperson directed us to the company's statement to the CMA. Microsoft did not respond to our email.

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