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Nova Media UberMask review

This Mac app aims to keep private files private

Nova Media UberMask
Use UberMask to keep files and folders safe from casual snooping or accidental observation


  • Very user-friendly
  • Cheap and cheerful


  • Works on boot volume only
  • Not as secure as you'd think

UberMask keeps private files and folders safe from prying eyes. By pressing user configured key combinations, you can instantly hide or reveal selected files.

Hidden files are invisible to Finder and Spotlight, and wherever possible, erased from recently used lists.

Any file managed by UberMask is hidden when you shut down your Mac – this feature can’t be changed. It’s great for preserving your privacy.

Sensitive material can be concealed from others who use your Mac, or from casual observers who might spot it over your shoulder – just the thing if you’re using your Mac in public or at work. It’s also a boon for screencasting or desktop captures; you can quickly and easily hide icons.

Compared to its main rival, MacPaw’s MacHider, UberMask offers better convenience but isn’t as versatile when managing hidden files. And a few glaring omissions keep it from fulfilling its potential.

Unlike MacHider, it can only hide files stored on the boot volume, and although it demands a password on launch, you can’t password-protect the app itself.

Also, like MacHider, UberMask hides files by adding a full stop to the start of filenames. But this isn’t very secure; some apps let you see these files. So, UberMask is a welcome means of hiding sensitive files, but it won’t stop a clued-in hacker.

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