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McAfeeTotal Protection 07 review

McAfee tries to be all things to all men

McAfee wheels out the big guns with its Total Protection 2007 suite, which lists a total of 10 different features

Our Verdict

McAfee has tried to do too much here, and has ended up over-complicating things


  • Good virus protection

    Neat interface


  • Long-winded installation


McAfee wheels out the big guns with its Total Protection 2007 suite that lists a total of 10 different features that include the usual anti-virus and anti-spymare/malware, but which goes on to 'improve performance' by giving your laptop a spring clean and also monitors other computers on the network in case they become a threat to you.

The installer makes it easy to pick and choose which features you select for your laptop, but as you're paying £60, we suggest you go for the whole lot or you might as well choose a cheaper package from another vendor. That price, incidentally, is absurdly high as the Americans only pay $59.99, which is around half the amount.

The installation process is a litany of clicks and OKs and then you have the joy of registration. We already have a McAfee account, but we couldn't log in to get updates, so we ended up creating a new account with another email address.

The main interface is well organised which is just as well considering the amount of information offered. In Advanced mode the software is divided into four areas: Computer & Files, Internet & Network, E-Mail & IM and Parental Controls. The arrangement is logical and you either get a big thumbs-up to tell you that things are good or a warning that you need to devote attention to your laptop.

The VirusScan side of things is flawless, but malware is a different story as you are faced by endless warnings that various pieces of software may be a potential threat. True enough, they may be a threat, but how can we judge the situation?

It's a similar story when you configure the back-up scheduler, as you have to carefully select file types when really all you want is 'My Important Stuff'.

This is a surprisingly capable package, but it's simply trying to do too much and, despite a neat interface, it is far too complicated.