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TViX HDM-6500A review

We wonder if the HDM-6500A is the perfect multimedia jukebox

TViX HDM-6500A
The key attraction for me with the M-6500A is not so much its HD file support but its networkability

Our Verdict

Not as user-friendly as it could be, but this media player still appeals


  • Highly versatile
  • Great file and codec support
  • Networkable


  • Network set-up may prove difficult
  • Smells funny when warm

The original TViX multimedia player earned my affection over the years, been home to a wide variety of video and audio that logistically I couldn't access via a network.

A simple hard drive enclosure with a GUI, it allowed playback of an assortment of files which had been copied to it via a USB/PC hook-up. All in all, a handy, reliable piece of kit

Impressive file support

DVico Corp has since updated the concept with the TViX HD M-6500A, an altogether more advanced HDD jukebox.

Its file support is extensive, playing everything from AVIs to HD formats such as MKV and AVCHD. It can also playback DVD .ISO and .IFO formats, allowing access to the original menus and special features.

The M-6500A is typically bought as an empty enclosure, allowing you to choose the size of the SATA drive required (up to 1TB). I slotted a 320GB into this review sample, which is more than enough to create a comprehensive jukebox.

Networking abilities

The unit itself is small and dumpy, with a large display and jog-wheel-style control. Backside connections are generous, with HDMI, component and legacy audio/video, plus coaxial and optical digital outputs. There's also an Ethernet jack, two USB 2.0 host ports and a USB terminal.

These allow the M-6500A to connect directly to a PC or additional HDD storage. It's also possible to access material on USB sticks.

The key attraction for me with the M-6500A is not so much its HD file support (although I dare say in time this will become more relevant) but its networkability. You can connect either using Samba or NFS via a Windows client installed on the connected PCs.

It's possible to establish four different connections (in a multiple PC environment) using a combination of both protocols. It's also possible to FTP into the box from the internet. Playback of video files from the HDD itself is silky smooth.

No UPnP compatibility means that networking is not as intuitive as it should be, but overall the TViX M-6500A is a very mature and flexible multimedia playback device that I suspect will find some fans.