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Advanced Web Ranking review

Break down search traffic by metric

Advanced Web Ranking 1
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Our Verdict

Advanced Web Ranking is a great starter solution that can help you understand how keyword and SEO searches work and how you can improve your ranking based on location, device, and industry.


  • Easy to use
  • Useful filters
  • Granular insights


  • Limited marketing features
  • Focused on keywords only
  • Would benefit from ads integration

Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) is a SEO tool and web-based rank tracking service. It helps you monitor the search performance of your website’s keywords, track organic and paid searches emanating from any location and any device, and create detailed reports to clearly convey insights and trends for in-house use or to show to your customers.

Advanced Web Ranking has over 24,000 active users of all sizes in 170 countries. It can be integrated with Google Analytics, track ranking performance on multiple platforms such as Yandex and Baidu (the leading online search services in Russia and China, respectively), and show you how your keyword strategy affects your overall ranking so that you can generate the search exposure you need.

Plans and Pricing

AWR offers four product packages. The Starter package is designed for startups and costs $49 per month. It comes with 2,000 weekly keyword searches, competitor analysis, integration with your data from Google Analytics, and unlimited projects and users.

If you upgrade to the Pro package for $99 per month, you enjoy all of the features offered by the Starter plan but can conduct 7,000 keyword searches every week. You can also uncover deeper competitor insights using the market share and keyword discovery features of this plan.

The next plan is the Agency package, which is designed for use by agencies at a cost of $199 per month. It comes with all of the features available in the Pro plan but allows you to search 14,500 keywords every week. It also comes with a custom-built developer API and the ability to import historical data from other search services you may have used in the past.

Finally, there is the Enterprise plan, which starts at $499 per month. In addition to the features available with the Pro plan, the enterprise plan allows you to export data via online plugins, conduct over 35,000 keyword searches every week, use a dedicated account manager login, and receive priority support for tech issues.

You can also use AWR’s big data services to extract insights and generate custom reports using your private data, not just publicly available Google search data, which is what many services do.

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(Image credit: Advanced Web Ranking)


The features below are the key selling points of AWR:

 Comprehensive Data

AWR gives you access to ranking data from over 3,000 search engines and can isolate user statistics based on location or device type. It can also merge data from Google Ads, Google Analytics, and custom KPIs that you use in-house. It can even go further back in time than the limitations placed by Google on historical data (usually capped at 50 days in the past).

 White Labeling Services

This service is available on all subscriptions, and it allows you to replace AWR labeling with your company name, logo, and domain information. By doing this, you can give your downstream clients access to their website data with links that look like subdomains of your website. Even emails generated by AWR are shown as coming from your domain, not from AWR.


Regardless of which subscription you choose, you can invite as many users as you want to your AWR workflows at no additional cost. You can give your coworkers or online marketing specialists access to specific projects they need to work on, enable them to access the data they need wherever they are and whichever device they use, and customize user access privileges to fit with the organizational structure and roles you have in your company.

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(Image credit: Advanced Web Ranking)

Interface and In Use

AWR’s user dashboard allows you to see only the data you want to see and filter out information based on your project or keyword goals. For example, the first filters sort results by geographic location, device, and industry. The next ones break down your data by time frame and data type. Color-coded graphs and charts make it easy to see how and where you rank with different searches, and you can pick and choose the elements you need to refine by going through each filter in succession.


The ARW tech team can be reached on dedicated phone lines that are set up for US and UK customers, and an online web form can be used around the clock to send requests to the company as well. In addition to these resources, there are in-depth blogs, FAQs, and a large video tutorial library that you can access on your own, along with dedicated support technicians who are available via chat during normal business hours.

One point to note is that AWR does not provide consulting services and they only deal with their existing client base.

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(Image credit: Advanced Web Ranking)

The Competition

Let’s see how AWR compares against two similar keyword ranking applications, KWFinder and ProRankTracker.


At about $50 per month, you can conduct 2,000 keyword searches per week with AWR. In comparison, KWfinder provides 700 weekly keyword searches for $30 per month, and ProRankTracker provides just 200 keyword searches per month for $25. In terms of the cost per keyword search, AWR generates the best returns.


AWR is a pure keyword ranking service. It tells you how different keywords—those that you use and those that people search for—perform at different locations and where you generate the most traffic. KWFinder and ProRankTracker, on the other hand, are better at guiding the user to keywords that they should be using based on what the competition is doing.

Also, KWFinder offers 45 different filters, which is more than we found with AWR, and ProRankTracker comes with detailed site audits, something that AWR does not offer. What AWR does do well is hyper-analyze your data, break it down based on location and device, and generate highly polished reports for your team or customers.

Final Verdict

AWR is a great product for understanding your ranking performance on search engine results pages and for identifying search terms that do well in specific industries and locations. It is also very good for generating easy-to-understand reports that can be used at all levels of business by both technical and non-technical personnel to guide decision-making.

If you are looking for a rank tracking application that provides you with in-depth analysis of your online data, AWR would work well for you. However, if there are specific SEO functions you need, such as site audits or keyword spend, you should look into other keyword or ranking services that can provide you with that information.