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This week in music-making tech

Discover how to make it as a remixer

Our colleagues over on MusicRadar publish in-depth music-making hardware and software reviews, tutorials and features powered by industry expert magazines Computer Music and Future Music.

Here are MusicRadar's top music-making tech picks this week, including reviews of the latest gear, iPad music software development news, and a helping hand for anyone who wants to get into remixing.

Reviews of the week

Beat Kangz Electronics Beat Thang Virtual

An Akai MPC-style software groovebox


Audio Damage Tattoo

Famed for their FX plug-ins, Audio Damage delivers its first instrument: an old-school drum machine

Audio damage

Audiofile Engineering Wave Editor

A Mac-only app that lets you edit, process and master your audio files


Intermorphic Mixtikl 2

A bewildering but superb-sounding generative music app


Propellerhead CEO discusses iPad music software

Ernst Nathorst-Böös says that Apple's tablet is "pretty exciting"

Best music tech gear of the month: review round-up

Catch up on the DAWs, synths, FX, controllers, mics, interfaces and mixers reviewed on MusicRadar in February and March

How to make it as a remixer

Alex Blanco reveals the tricks of the trade

How to remix