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Now, the social networking watch arrives

The SNS Watch
The SNS Watch features icons from all your favourite Web 2.0 brands

Spending time on social networking sites is becoming so pervasive even tedious old codgers on the BBC now give out their Twitter and Facebook i.d.s, but how do they remember when to tweet and when to Plurk?

We've no idea, but they could do worse than check out the Social Networking Watch from Normal Watches and its array of SNS icons.

YouTube time

The $18 (£11) timepiece doesn't actually do anything beyond tell the time (and that simplicity is novel enough these days), but it does have a nice Twitter icon at 3 o'clock and flickr at the bottom of the hour.

We know it's all a bit silly, but isn't that somehow fitting as far as the whole SNS craze is concerned? Rather appropriate, one might say.

Via Switched On Set