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Watch your DivX downloads on your TV

The DivX Connected platform will also be used by other hardware vendors

Networking bod D-Link has announced the UK street date for its DSM-330 DivX Connected HD Media Player. It'll be released on 15 November, with pre-orders for the £130 set-top box already available via

We had a play with the unit last month and the results were impressive. Unlike numerous other streaming 'innovations' we've tried, this one actually works. DivX Connected is technology that will ultimately be offered by various manufacturers, but D-Link is the first.

Aimed at the "digital home"

The box streams video from your PC over your wireless (or wired) network and includes support for various other formats such as XviD - a rather important facet for viewing downloaded content of any kind. What's more, the server software can run on an Intel Mac XP or Vista PC. There's also a multitude of connectivity options including SCART, component and HDMI.

And, as befits a box that can output HDMI, there's support for HD, too. Like the Apple TV, 720p HD is catered for, but unlike the Apple TV there is no integrated hard drive or iTunes/AAC support. If you're an iTunes addict, this one isn't for you.