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Oculus Rift's new earbuds promise high-end audio on the cheap

Oculus Earphones
Oculus Earphones

Oculus is having quite a field day at its Connect 2016 developer conference.

It's promised room-scale VR, a launch date and price for the Oculus Touch controllers, a new portable VR headset that's as powerful as Oculus Rift and, to top it all off, a $49 pair of earphones that "sound like they cost $900."

The ostentatious claim comes from Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe who unveiled the Oculus Earphones at the keynote on October 6.

Iribe says that the earbuds have advanced noise isolation and VR-optimized drivers which help them convey more accurate details than the original pads.

The in-ear earbuds use the same connector as the on-ear pads, and can simply be swapped in by unscrewing the earpads from the headset and attaching the earbuds in their stead.

The Oculus Earphones will be available for pre-order starting on October 10, and will be available to purchase outright for $49 (about £39, AU$65) on December 6, the same day as the Oculus Touch Controllers and Oculus Camera.