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Flash Zune on the way in September?

Two new versions of the Zune are on the way; an 80GB hard disk-based device, and a smaller, flash-based version

The forthcoming hard disk-based version 2.0 of the Microsoft Zune is delayed due to production hiccups, according to reports. However a flash-based Zune is still on course for a September launch.

The second-generation, hard disk Microsoft Zune, dubbed 'Scorpio', was due to complete its first production run by 31 August . But this date has now been pushed back several weeks to late September, Microsoft sources told Zune Scene . A problem with a wire inside the device is thought to be behind the delay.

No official release date has been set for the upgraded 80GB device. But it's thought to have been planned for the first anniversary of the Microsoft Zune in November.

On the other hand, the smaller, flash-based 'Draco' version of the Microsoft Zune is already in production and could be out in the US by September.