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Windows Phone app web store coming with Mango

Windows Phone Mango boasts a whopping 500 features

Microsoft has confirmed that the forthcoming release of the Windows Phone Mango update will also see the launch of a web-based App Marketplace.

The Big M previewed the new-and-improved version of its mobile OS yesterday, with an autumn roll-out expected, but held off on the announcement of the new web-store until late on Wednesday.

The App Marketplace web store, like its Android counterpart, will enable users to download apps from the browser and they'll be remotely installed on the device.

Bing integration

Microsoft says that the store will remember all of the apps you've downloaded in the past, so if you get a new phone or, heaven forbid, lose your handset you can easily reinstall them on your device.

There'll also be Bing and social networking integration so you can tell friends about your favourite apps, which is great because we can't imagine a world where something can't be shared on Facebook.

It's about time Windows users were given the same privileges as Apple and Android users and the inclusion of a web-store is a fine next step for WP7, which is going pretty nicely in the app stakes as of late.

For news of the 500-odd updates to Windows Phone, check out our Mango hands-on review.