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Nokia backtracks on free Wi-Fi for London trial

Nokia backtracks on free Wi-Fi for London trial
Yes we'll support free Wi-Fi, oh wait, no we won't

Nokia has pulled out of a deal to provide 26 free Wi-Fi hotspots in London, without providing any reasoning behind its decision.

We reported back in November that Nokia had teamed up with Spectrum Interactive and Selective Media to offer free Wi-Fi to London using telephone boxes as wireless hotspots.

The partnership currently has 28 hotspots live in the capital and there's plans to roll it out to all the 1,800 telephone boxes owned by Spectrum Interactive.

Nokia not so hot-spot anymore

However Spectrum and Selective are going to have to push on with the planned expansion without the support of sponsor Nokia. The Finnish mobile manufacturer provided a short statement, which offered little in the way of reasoning.

"Nokia were sponsors of the initial trial, although we are no longer involved in the project we are delighted to see the roll out offering more London Shoppers the opportunity to use Wi-Fi."

This isn't the only free Wi-Fi scheme which is being set up in London, with Virgin Media offering free internet on the tube during the Olympics, Sky launching its Cloud service at key landmarks such as the London Eye and popular coffee outlets such as Starbucks and Costa also offering up some Wi-Fi loving.

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